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Archangel Michael ✞ ArchistrategosSucreSpiritus



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Name: Archangel Michael
Member of the SugarSpirit Branch of the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: ArchistrategosSucreSpiritus
Aliases: The Advocate of God’s People; The Great Prince
Human Name: Michael Blanc Maruchie
Species: Angel

Occupation: General of the Host of Heaven

Relatives: The Almighty (Heavenly Father); Angels (Siblings); Noloty (Half Sister)

Celestial Angel Basics: Michael was appointed to lead the children of Light into the battles against the children of Darkness because of his strength, strong sense of justice and his loyalty to The Almighty. He believes the sole purpose of his visit to the human world is to save his sister from being interrogated by the humans but The Almighty has other plans which slowly unfolds in the course of his time on Skyrie’s planet which they also sometimes, call Earth.

Human Basics: Archangel Micheal’s vessel is Michael Blanc, Alto Saotome’s brother-in-arms at S.M.S. Skull Squadron. Blanc is considered a brilliant sniper and a ladies’ man. Blanc being such a devoted believer in the angels and a devoted follower of Archangel Michael agreed to share his human body with the celestial entity. Alto only becomes aware of this agreement later.

Affiliations: S.M.S Skull Squadron/ GrandSugarClan / Holy Falcon Empire / Heavenly Realm

+++OCC: This character is loosely based on the biblical story with a few twists of my own. For more references, check the link below:

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