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Gentoka Luciano MikiharaTestarossaSakata (MysticalSugarDemonFox)

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Full Name: Gentoka Luciano MikiharaTestarossa OkumuraSakata (MysticalSugarDemonFox)
Member of the Sato Demone branch and the WhisperedObake Unit of the SugarDemon family within the GrandSugarClan.
ClanName: MysticalSugarDemonFox

First son of Leonardo Gintora Testarossa OkumuraSakata and Ren Mikihara

Parents: Leo and Ren
Grandparents: Helena and Gintoki-Lucifer
brothers: Tomoe, Miketsukami, Komura, AkoyaKurama, Miyabi
sisters: Kuzuha Lilith, Kikumi Lillian, Yuzu, Kiyomi, Hundreko

Basics: He’s very handsome, gentle and is devoted to his family, friends and the protection of innocents. During a battle against the demonic armies of Lord Amon and Queen Hild, he lost his eyesight but he has been able to train to learn the use of all his other senses which allow him to continue to protect himself and others. He’s humble and very compassionate and forgiving until humans begin to abuse of his gentleness, make him suffer greatly and hunt him and his family, a restraint in his mind breaks and he begins to feel a brewing resentment for them.

Powers/Talents: Fighting with FoxFire
Ability to grant Immortality to Mortals (He discovers this power later in his life and it causes him to be sought out, hunted and hurt by humans which causes him to distrust them.)

Occupation: Guardian of the Fox Spirts of Kitsune Kingdom of Hoshido Mountains, Student, Part-Timer at Odd Jobs.

Admin Note: Not looking for a mate or girlfriend. Messages and chats will be ignored. Just here to RP with my family and friends in certain groups.