Cosmic Connections

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      *Two cosmic entities connect far past the galaxies where they would normally roam. A place in the cosmos where nothing would disturb them and they would not make the slightest rift in the universal flow.*

      “An empty world, that is so far away from everything else in the universe, that the lights in the sky are not individual stars, but entire galaxies.”

      // rp between Helena & Jean Grey. @darkphoenix

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      *Helena realized that in order to reconnect with the physical world and her own body, she had to accept the abilities that came with her new powers. She could feel the multiverse releasing the chains of her godlike powers. She was capable of destruction but also capable of creation. She had become a nigh-omnipotent primordial entity and was able to prevent anything weaker than herself from using her powers. However, Helena sought to delegate some of these powers. She wasn’t ready to become one with the multiverse.

      As she waited for her contact. She opened one of her palms and could sense that she was capable of multiversal force manipulation. In other words, she could create, shape and manipulate all manners of multiverse forces. Visions of quantum energy, quasi-mystical forces and elements took shape with her imagination. She always had the capability of meta space-time manipulation and could transcend dimensional boundaries but now she felt these powers increasing. It worried her, she felt the more her powers increased, the more her chances to returned to the ones she loved would decrease.

      Her birth father told her she was capable of this and much more when she was younger but she had not given it much thought until this moment. She would be able to bend and distort the very fabric of existence anywhere and everywhere to her desire. It was a dangerous ability to have.

      Perhaps the most disturbing ability that was starting to increase in her was that of nigh-omniscience. It made her uncomfortable to perceive and understand all cause and effect relations which would allow her to sense the whole truth no matter how hidden. How would she control this ability so that she could still honestly enjoy the element of surprise?

      She was conflicted between wanting to understand why she had been endowed with all these powers and not wanting to know. She felt that the more she knew, the more she would have to let go of the life she already knew and embrace herself as a goddess. But she liked being Helena the semi-human and semi-seraph. She enjoyed being a mother of many children and a lover to her husband Gin. And she enjoyed meeting the people and having so many of them as friends.

      *Helena would sigh as she looked around the galaxies.* So beautiful, and yet so lonely. If I remain here would I lose my sense of self? *She remembered that she needed to return, her destructive seraph surely had destabilized all the dimensional portals in Satou Arcanum and any of the strange entities from beyond might try to slip through. These unseen, formless and terrifying creatures could destroy humanity and all it’s sanity, the same humanity that at the very moment could possibly be cursing her very existence.

      She could now feel the first phoenix drawing near. All 9 would soon come to her again. They were ready to embrace her once more. Perhaps because she was starting to feel a sense of calmness and understanding. She could feel their warmth and the same concerns she had would be reflected on them. So she had to remain level-headed as they approached.*

      Don’t worry! We’re waiting for one to arrive. The reborn one should be with us soon. The other eight had surrounded her and they were colorful, vibrant, their superior forces resonated with the multiverse. She watched them fly around her as if they were performing a ritual in order to return to her body but Helena had other plans for them. She would close her eyes and meditate, focusing on her warm and peaceful surrounding as she waited.*

    • Jean Grey
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      *Phoenix’s mind flying across multiple portals at incredible speed reaching out to Lady Helena* Hang in there, my lady! I sense I’m getting closer!

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      *Helena could sense Phoenix coming closer and closer, speeding through the cosmos and following the thread of light that had connected them. She looked around as the rest of the Phoenixes swirled around her in a circle. She held out her right hand and opened her palm. A small one sat on her hand.* Our missing Phoenix is almost here. *Even in this form, she could feel excitement, this gave her hope that she would be able to return to her human form.*

    • Jean Grey
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      *Phoenix is at close range and even saw sparks of light from the other phoenixes that were with Lady Helena. Before arriving, Phoenix telekinetically begins to warp reality with the attempt to create a calming illusion of both of them, in their human form, laying on a flowerbed of daisies with a beautiful clear blue sky and feeling the smooth warmth of the sun rays. Giggles echoed throughout the air and the atmosphere felt soothing and relaxing. Jean and Helena would pick a few daisies and make them float in the air, then with a calming voice, Jean speaks* Beautiful, isn’t it, Lady Helena!

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      *Helena was pleased with the surroundings. It made her giggle.* Indeed! It feels like home but, I know it’s only an illusion. Phoenix, *Helena turns her face to look at her and envisions Phoenix as Jean Grey.* So it was you at the bakery, I sensed a high level connection from you. I’ve called you here because I am only able to return to the realm where my family is if I diminish some of my powers. *She takes the hand of Jean.* I wonder, did you like that place? Would you like to return there with me? *She smiles at her.* It may seem that even beings like myself who are supposed to be non-materialistic long for the taste of sweets, enjoy the smell of roses, love to hear the raindrops, enjoy the caress of the wind but most of all I miss the warmth of the people, so complex and interesting but especially those who share their love. I long for the love of my family and my beloved husband. *She stands as she appears to be wearing a long white dress, her black hair contrasting with it’s delicate brightness almost covers most of her back. She looks a bit concerned. I cannot destroy such a planet. It is delicate indeed and it has it’s injustices but it still radiates with love and hope. There are many that are guided by their just hearts. How could allow harm to come to such a world? *She turns to smile at Jean.* Phoenix, therefore, before I continue, I truly need to know do you wish to return with me to such a place? Would you care to share that which I was gifted with? You have a strong connection with your host and she is the only one that can sustain and have strong connections with you and only that host will do.

    • Jean Grey
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      *Phoenix allowed Jean to do the talking then gently holds Helena’s hand* No need to be concerned, my lady! Planet Skyrie is a new planet with a very, very long life span. I, myself was surprised as to why it was suffering, but after reading everyone’s thoughts, that is how I learned the truth. I’m quite sure a solution will arise soon; the few family members I met from your clan have proven to be very knowledgeable. *smiles then her eyes sparkled when hearing the question about returning back to Skyrie* And miss that delicious peppermint latte? *sighs* Ahh, I would do anything to return back but…*Jean has a sad look* …I don’t have a body to change back to. Phoenix gave me the warning when it was time for it to reincarnate and I accepted my new destiny. I have to comply with Phoenix’s responsibility as the cosmic being that it was, is and always will be. *let go of a big sigh* Ahh, If only I can change back, even if its for one day, I’ll take that chance and make the best of it!

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      *Helena was moved by Phoenix’s reply that she called forth one of her Phoenix forces.* It’s no coincidence that arcane astral aeons have passed since our last encounter. Perhaps because of all your reincarnations you do not recall when I saw you on my planet the first time nor when I later saw you on Earth in your first host.

      The first time we met, you and several others of the Phoenix Force visited my former planet, Guinrtpegbnunir Easmflfrasemi. Our kind were hosts for many of your kind but when you realized that the powers of destruction made the gentle seraphim of the apocalypse go mad and eventually the strain would kill them. There was a time when this ritualistic practice of merging us as your hosts would end. But I was chosen at birth to hold on to nine beautiful Phoenixes, at that time your brothers and sisters all entered my body, except you. You were so kind and compassionate to me that you saw me cry and said that you didn’t wish to add to my sadness. Therefore, you flew away.

      Then later, on my first mission of destruction, I found you on Earth 616. You had merged with a human woman that became a host for the Phoenix Force existed at least a million years ago. She looked exactly like Jean Grey. She was your avatar but she never revealed her name. Our meeting was short, back then, we were there to help you defeat the an out-of-control Celestial known as the Fallen. I refused to take part in the hunt. Fortunately, with the help of a group called the Avengers, the Fallen was later sealed. I know little of the first avatar you merged with but her essence was preserved in the White Hot Room within this beautiful crystal that I have been holding for you for a very long time. *Helena takes out the M’Krann Crystal and sends it forth to Lady Phoenix.* You see, all your beloved hosts’s essences are housed in here. So, we shall compress you and resurrect the host you most feel at home with. You shall never lose your host, she will always be with you. This is your heart. *Helena begins the process of merging the two Phoenix with the M’Krann Crystal and slowly begins shaping Jean Grey in the image that Helena and the Phoenix Force always remember her.* You are the White Phoenix of the Crown! Embrace your destiny! You must take care of the M’Krann Crystal, you will have time to learn all about it on your own since it shall be housed with you. But it is precious and not to be handed over to anyone else. *She began the process and once Lady Phoenix tapped into Jean Grey’s essence it was up to her to complete the task. Meanwhile, Helena would shower the new Jean Grey with cosmic energy.*

      *Helena could sense that it would be easier for her to go home now but she needed to do one more thing. There had been one small Phoenix, young and brights that she turned into a small sphere which she would then push forward and it dashed through the universe following the same thread that led the Phoenix to her.* That one is for my reincarnation, Selena @alma-enamorada *She smiles* She was recently born and in the care of my family. That small phoenix might house itself in two bodies. Selena and Shiroyassha, the one who is to become her eternal love. *She then took Jean Grey’s hand when she was fully formed.* Now I only host six phoenixes. They are more comfortable and less cramped together now. *She joked a bit.* I think it’s time you have some peppermint latte again. Take us home Lady Grey!

    • Jean Grey
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      *As Phoenix begins to take the form of the one it believed to be its true host and houses the crystal within its body, it speaks with Helena telekinetically* I’m beginning to remember! Now that I have the crystal, it must of also kept my memories as well. I remember you and I shouldn’t have flown away. I am the guardian of creation and you, Lady Helena, are creation! *Phoenix has yet to complete its full transformation so it pictures a image of Jean, kneeling down on one knee and with her left hand closed in form of a fist and placed in front of her chest, like a knight of shining armor would do in front of his queen* I, Phoenix, guardian of the cosmos and creation will now pledge my eternal protection to you. I will never abandon you and will respond to your call, near or far, I’ll be there for you. *Jean stands up and the image transitions into the real Jean Grey, totally transformed into her human form. Her eyes were still a fiery color but it was slowly changing to its tender green. She puts her hand over her chest and breath in and out a few times until she feels comfortable* The crystal is safe! Thank you! *happy smile* The Avengers, yes! I remember that event, they’re Planet Earth’s finest heroes but… *Jean leans towards Helena and whispers* …they’re not better than the X-Men! *she stated jokingly then winks as she leans back and giggles. She watched Helena let the sphere fly away into the universe then looks back at her* Love is eternal! Love conquers all! Speaking of…Lady Helena, there is a very handsome silver haired male with the most breathtaking light waiting for you! *Holds on to Helena’s hand* Let’s go home!