Sugarhill Sentinel Radio Station

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      *Kofi entered the room where she would be working. She was glad she got this spot after she last auditioned. She sat down and moved her microphone closer and in a soothing voice she addressed her audience. * Groovie morning to all the sugar babies out there! This is DJ Kofi accompanying you, live, from Sugarhill Sentinal Talk Radio! We hope to keep you up-to-date throughout your day with news, entertaining interviews and fun talk shows. So let us wish you the best throughout the rest your day and thanks for tunin in!

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      *Tessa had been working on a live tv broadcast and once she was done she went to the radio station to meet up with her husband Ed and listen to the soothing voice of the new DJ* Wow! That was amazing! *she walks towards Kofi to introduce herself.* I’m Tessa, Ed’s wife. It’s great to meet you. Let’s all go for some coffee at the break room!

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      *she leans up close to the microphone. * Babies, ya hear me! If you are listening, the big boss said it’s time for radio silence. You’ll hear the right song when it’s over.

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      Hello babies, wannabes and pests wanna cramp our style. We just gonna chill and laugh at them. Here’s a song to lighten up your moods.

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      Good morning beautiful peeples of Skyrieverse! Sending greetings from the Sugarhill Sentinel! Now listen good babies, it’s a sunny and beautiful day outside but there is that rush hour traffic jam. So sit back, that traffic will flow, I’ll dedicate these tunes for those of you heading to school or work! And remember today is Friday! So stay positive!

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      All right babies, listen up! I have some news for you that you might want to take note of. These area all for you to celebrate in the month of May.

      On the 1st of May you’ll be celebrating the coming of flowers and spring and all the May babies’ birthdays!

      *Coughs* Indeed, there is such a thing as Chocolate Parfait Day which is also celebrated on the first of May!
      Make sure you stop by SugarSweet Bakery & Cafe to get your fill!

      During May 5th, the one everyone is looking forward to, Cinco De Mayo normally celebrated at all your local party venues especially Sugar Storm Nightclub.

      Plus Children’s Day a tradition born in the old world in the country of Japan and it’s being celebrated at the Rosy Cross Talented Arts & Bright Future Orphanage.

      Don’t miss out thanking your nurses and yours truly on May 6 for National Nurse’s Day!

      There is an important event that takes place every month across our galaxies, and that’s Mother’s Day, which in Skyrieverse is Mother’s Month technically speaking!
      Don’t forget to give yours some love, gratitude and a fun day!

      And a day of remembrance to those lost fighting for our freedom, May Day, last day in May! Remember to drop into Fallen Ones Memorial Graveyard to show your respects.

      There might be more babies but this is what I got for you! So go out and end your April festivities with a bang! Have an amazing weekend!

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      *Alto was enjoying the program when the announcements for the events came on. He was attentive as a few of the places that were mentioned were family businesses. He chuckles as she flies a helicopter around the area looking for traffic news to report back to SugarHill Sentinel.*

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      * Enjoying the latest talk show and Kofi’s smooth dj voice while he listens to the radio during his break.*