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Luna Leviachan ~BeliaDevilukean SugarDemon~

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Skyrieverse / SugarLand Empire


Full name: Luna Leviachan Deviluke OkumuraSakata de EspadaGaray
Alias: Princess of Deviluke Planet
Member of the Sato Demone branch of the SugarDemon Family within the GrandSugarClan.
Clan Name: MoonLightSugarDemon / TsukiLightSatoDemone / BeliaDevilukeanSugarDemoness
BirthDate: Dec. 28
Parents: Daughter of Rintoki BluesugarDemon OkumuraSakata and Lala Satalin Pinksugardemon Deviluke d’OkumuraSakata.
Stepmommy: Myuu (embodies Lala’s soul)

Siblings: Star Satanachia (twin sister) and Dezember (half-brother)

Married to: Alvaro Garay Espada
Son: Zeviathan R’lyeh Deviluke OkumuraSakata EspadaGaray

♥ My older twin sister is Star Satanachia. My eyes are mainly blue but can change on occasion as it is part of my family lineage and my hair changes between dark brown/black and for the most part a lovely pink. Sometimes my  hair will turn half light pink and half light blue. I’m have super speed, I’m bubbly, curious and creative. I’m also really cute ♥

Personality: Bubbly, caring, and understanding. She’s tolerates more than her blue-haired twin sister Satanachia.

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Character is married and has a large family already.

For Leviachan’s character main images used are as follows:
My IMVU avatar
Momo Belia Deviluke, Nana Astar Deviluke and Sephie Micheala Deviluke of To Love-Ru
Zero Two of Darling in the Franxx
Lulu of Wand of Fortune
Bremerton of Azur Lane
Negev of Jericho Girls
Ram (mainly long hair) of Re:Zero
Persephone of Kamigami no Asobi
Oni Elizabeth Bathory of FGO
Asmodeus and Astaroth of Seven Martial Sins
Sofina of Ange Verge
VI, Akali, and Arcade Miss Fortune of League of Legends
SKS Simonov of Girls Frontline
Narmaya of GranBlueFantasy
Alma Elma of MonsterGirlQuest
((for more simply look through my photos))