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Star Satanachia ~AstreaDevilukean SugarDemon~

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Fullname: Star Satanachia Deviluke OkumuraSakata-Date
BirthDate: Dec. 28
Member of the Sato Demone branch of the SugarDemon Family within the GrandSugarClan.

Clan Names: StarLightSugarDemon / StellaLightSatoDemone /AstreaDevilukeanSugarDemoness

Parents: Rintoki BluesugarDemon OkumuraSakata and Lala Satalin Pinksugardemon Deviluke d’OkumuraSakata.

Stepmommy: Myuu (embodies Lala’s soul)

Siblings: Luna Leviachan (twin sister) / Dezember (half-brother)

Husband: Seiryu Masamune Date
Son:  Xeryus Algol Masamune Deviluke OkumuraSakata-Date

My younger twin sister is Luna Leviachan. My eyes are mainly red but can change on occasion as it is part of my family lineage and my hair changes between dark brown/black and for the most part a lovely blue. Sometimes my hair also turns dark half blue and dark half pink. I’m super strong like my father Rintoki, I also inherited his blue flames and I’m a little tomboyish, sassy, and super cute.

Satanachia is a powerful Hellion Deviluke Hybrid. She has a fiery sense of action, loves excitement, adventure and combat. She’s powerful and strong. Despite her chaotic, demonic heritage she’s proud of her GrandSugarClan bloodline and does her best to maintain order against the malicious forces that try to force their powers upon the innocents of the world.

Had grandfather Gintoki Lucifer retained his reign of hell or if her grand uncle Satan Kurotoki would have desired to, Satanachia would be the Commander-in-Chief of Gehenna’s army with control over forty five or fifty four legions of demons. During her development, she will learn that she has profound knowledge of all the planets. She is unaware that she has a special ability to hold power over women and men.

++Character Notes++
No messages or chats.
This character already has a large family and a husband.
Satanachia’s main character images are as follows: My IMVU images, Female version of Rin of Blue Exorcist, Asmodeus of Shinrabanshou, Arcade Sona of League of Legends, Zero Two (Blue hair version only) from Darling in the Franxx, Rem (mainly long hair) of Re:Zero, Leona Heidern (blue hair only) of King of Fighters/SNK, Lapis Lazuli of Houseki no Kuni, Jinx of League of Legends, Jericho of Jericho Girls, DP-12  of Girls Frontline, Mostima of ArKnights, Masamune Date of Battle Girls Time Paradox, Katerina (Blue Hair only shared with auntie Momo) of League of Legends, Caitlyn of League of Legends, Dizzy from Guilty Gear and Lucina of Fire Emblem