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Peipain Pandoryna (KirinTepesSugarSoul) RokuchoHayashiSakata +Bud Virgin Logic+



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Full Name: Peipain Pandoryna RokuchoHayashiSakata

Bassist with Bud Virgin Logic
Bandmates/Friends: Ailane and Hundreko
Bass name: Nosferatupain
Race: Rare mythical Kirin/ Part Human/ Myumon Hybrid
Adoptive daughter of Takeda CrankySugarDemon Rokucho HayashiSakata
Grandparents: Leukocyte King and Tama HayashiSakata
Member of the SugarSoul Branch and the Demantoid AndroidAngel Blood Unit of the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: KirinTepesSugarSoul

Peipain basics:
She is Ailane’s personal maid since childhood. She’s attentive, has a firm character and can be scary when angry.

(( Admin Notes: her character has been developed throughout her rps))