Festival Of Friendship

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      Mato had a smile as she set up tables with refreshments, after that she was  going around the city placing streamers around and balloons to posts as she had thought of a way to try spreading happiness and joy to those in the city and to her friends and family, but for her family it was a time to celebrate and be happy knowing they were going to be safe here and no longer having to worry about losing anyone they loved from the beats of the old world. As she finished placing posters and setting up everything and looking around she was happy to begin. With a few familiar faces she saw among the vistors she smiled and waved to them. “Hello Minna and welcome, the festival of friendship will begin shortly. Please come and celebrate with your dearest family and your friends. Here’s to safety and peace”. She said as she saw a few members of her family and went over to join them.

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      *looks around and sees that Mato is preparing the festival but first all the family needs to be found. Only a few returned after the battle.* Ah ah ah, nice job! Hopefully, when all return we can begin this festival.

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      *Bon was checking out the preparations sis Mato was making for the festival of friends which would be taking place right at the end of May and start of June. After all the mother’s day celebrations this would be a great way to start the summmer. He would have to head back home and see if any of his siblings would be helping out with the event.* I can barely get them to do chores. Let’s see how this works out. *he looks at Mato.* Hey sis, how is this coming along. I think we have performers set already since the family has several and they are already at the Sugar Storm Nightclub doing some gigs. I’ll see if I can talk to them about performing here. I spoke to uncles Soji Azuma and Natsuru-Kaito, so far they said yes. Don’t work yourself too hard. I’ll be back with help. *chuckles as he waves to her and heads on his way to get others to help out with the festival.*

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      *Renzou walks over to Bon, puts his hand on his buddies shoulder.* Bon Bon what are you worried about? You got me to help out. I’ll bring more balloons and help set up some of the vendor stands. *gives him the thumbs up* I’m sure you can get the others to chip in too! Don’t worry!

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      *Notices a summer festival and makes not to bring his students to enjoy it.* This is great! Looks rather lively! So many stalls and food! Mm! *he stops and picks up some dango for himself.*

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      *She watched as the festival began. Although worried about her husband’s situation. She was glad that the festival had finally taken off. It was important that the new arrivals from the old world had a place to celebrate their new found freedom and friendship with a happy festival.* I hope Mato chan will come and help make her festival flourish.

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      *She had turned to see some of her family members were arriving and with a smile she greeted them and set down the remaining decorations she was holding down on to the table.* “Hello and welcome minna, let’s make this an amazing festival we will all remember.”

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      +She had arrived after getting a call from Tokihiko-san to meet up with him in the city of Akihabara but when she had gotten there she did not see him right away so she decided to peek into the different shops that she had seen along the way to the meeting area.+ Hm..seems he is not here yet, guess i will get something to eat first and then go to this meeting place that was as scheduled. She stopped in got her something to eat then walked into the meeting place only to find it was a festival going on and she was invited to attend it and she bowed+ Oh wow, a festival how nice. Thank you for the welcome here i am truly grateful to see this with you all.”

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      ~Hokuto had gotten her call on his cell phone and he had rushed over to help her as he was excited to be a part of such a celebration. He had felt so welcomed by them he felt this way he could do something to help out and he asked her what she needed him to do as he smiled.~ “Mato! I’m here just tell me whatever you need and I will get to it and help as much as I can”

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      *She saw him then smiled and chuckled at his enthusiasm to help her out then nodded over to him* “Fow now just make sure those apples over there and dipped in the caramel and chocolate you can put any kind of sprinkles or topping you want as long as its easy to handle haha. After that can you take out the trash for me while i finish grilling this meat? I have some balloons and things i placed all around earlier with that welcome banner up there i think everyone will love my secret surprise too” *She smiled and laughed slightly as she planned something beautiful for each night’s finale for the time of the event*

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      *Daniel was glad to see some movement at the festival of friendship. He would bring his friends here as soon as they settled in comfortably. They had gone through a lot and they were still shocked to be in the new world. Daniel greeted Mato from a distance.* Nyan! Hi sis! *but only because he had to hurry back to his Cindy Cyan to let her know all that had occurred and who had arrived from their old dimension.*

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      *Nodding to Hokuto she laughed when he seemed to caught up with getting things going so helped him while getting everything in its place. Mato turned to see her brother had come to greet her and she waved to him but then knew he had to return to what needed his attention as well so she just smiled and waved to him* Hi brother, of course!