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Shuhei Saotome ‡ SanguineVampyruszSugarDemon

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Full Name: Shuhei Akabushi Kondo TendoSaotome
Former Officer, now Captain of the Shinsengumi’s 10th Division
Member of the SugarDemon family of the GrandSugarClan
Clan name: SanguineSugarDemon
species: red devil, vampire and human
BirthDate: Sept 5th
Hair color: Blood red
Eye color: deep sea blue but sometimes turn dark amber
Height: 180 cm (5’10”)
Real Parents & Origin: Currently Unknown
Adoptive Parents: Ranma and Akane
Adoptive siblings: Gori, TenguTosshi, Alto, ThornyToshi, Soji, Natsuru-Kaito, Helena

Proud member of the SugarDemon clan. Just your typical sadistic ketchup lover. 10th Division Captain of the Shinsengumi.
I’m loyal and love my family and I have a crush on Chief Rika.
Personality: Very confident. Can shift from easy going to sadistic depending on the situation Shuhei in but he’s mainly playful and easy going.

Skilled with both the spear and the sword.

// Note: parts of my character are very loooooosely based on Harada Sansuke of Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan//

my alt characters:
Loki Laevatein, Member of the Sugarfiend Clan. Clan name PranksterSugarFiend. God of Divinity at Ordo Templi Mysterium Dextrose. Loyal Knight of the Royal Order of The The Poisonous Goddess Demon. Norse God of Fire.

Jin Kazetsukai. Member of the Sugarspirit Clan. Clan name: WindmasterSugarSpirit. Former Captain of  Team Masho in the Dark Tournament.