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NightSyn CrimsonSugarDemon OkumuraSakata

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Full Name: NightSyn Sadao Yoru OkumuraSakata
Nickname: Night
Member of the Sato Naphalem Branch of the SugarDemon Family within the GrandSugarClan.
ClanNames: CrimsonSugarDemon / CrimsonFlameSatoNaphalem / CrimsonInfernusFlameSugarDemon
BirthDate: Dec. 29 (Capricorn)
Race: Demon/Human/SeraNephalem/ NekoDevil Hybrid

Parents: Gintoki Lucifer Sakata and Helena Yuriko Okumura-Sakata
GrandParents: Inuyassha and Kasumi / Ranma and Akane / Kyoko and Yusaku (SatoAkuma Elders)

Biological siblings: Leonardo, Rintoki, Yukio, Tetsuya, Kaname, Yukiko, Teletha, and Momo
Adopted Siblings: Too many to mention but cares for them greatly.

1st Wife: Shimei “Mou-chan” Ryomou (deceased)
2nd Wife: Harumiya Xenovia Aoiyoru-OkumuraSakata

Sons w/ Shimei:
Twin sons: Nocturnus Ryomou-OkumuraSakata and Summäneus Ryomou-OkumuraSakata

Son’s with Harumiya Xenovia:
older son NoshtStaz Charlie Aoiyoru-OkumuraSakata
younger son: NachtLicht Aoiyoru-OkumuraSakata
adopted Son: NaktisWolf Aoiyoru-OkumuraSakata

Biography: NightSyn was separated from his mother and father when he was too young to remember. A proud demon descendant of the SugarDemon family, he mostly resembles his brothers, the twins Rintoki and Yukio Ginpachi. He is able to shapeshift into the demon form of a large black cat with wings. He cared for a young lady named Monaka who took an interest in him during the darker parts of his life. He spent a lot of time in Gehenna’s deeper inferno under Pazuzu. He was tortured and felt that he had been pathetic since he was tortured and bullied by Pazuzu and it took him a long time to gain the courage to fight back and escape his grasp. This experience is what caused his disgust towards demons. Like his brother Rintoki, he will not hesitate to kill his own kind for the good of humans and those that he wants to protect. After he escaped from Pazuzu he had been brought among exorcists in a monastery, not to far from the old True Cross Academy. It was during a mission for them that he came across Monaka, the one who lightened his heavy heart. While at the monastery, he learned that his parents were indeed alive and that he had many siblings. He sought them out and fought many battles with demons that wanted to keep them from reuniting. During one of those battles, he came across his twin brothers Rintoki and Yukio. They almost battled each other but it was undeniable to their senses that they were related. Once they confirmed their identities to each other, they joined together in their quest to find the rest of their family and make their way home again. Once reunited with the ones they so longed to be with, mending of relationships would begin. It was difficult at first to believe that Gintoki Lucifer and Satan Kurotoki were different entities and that Satan was one of the reasons the family had been separated. Soon he would embrace his true father Gintoki Lucifer and learn that his beautiful mother was Helena Yuriko a beautiful seraphim of alien descent that suffered while searching for her little ones but keeping distant because she had been pursued by otherworld mercenaries for her powers. He swore to himself he would be loyal to his family and protect them with all his powers.

Later on in life, as he adjusted to his family back in the old world, he met a beautiful feisty gal named Shimei. He couldn’t resist her charm and strength. They had fun together,sparred together, eventually dated and got married. She’s was his perfect companion. But during the move to the new world, he would learn that she lost her life in battle. In a strange twist of fate, she had hidden his twin boys in a temple in the old world. Because of some investigative work by his uncle Isao and his sis Saya, he learned he had twin sons, Nox and Summa, that had been brought to live with him in the new world. He embraced them as soon as they were in his life. He was glad to have some part of Shimei in his life again.

He had been a widow for a long time but eventually encounters the beautiful Harumiya Xenovia Aoiyoru in the borderlands whom he has a crush on. As he shows her around the new world, he ends up having feelings for her. At first it was because he felt that she looked similar to his former deceased wife but he finds that they are totally different to her but still the feelings became stronger until they eventually dated and married. Soon they would have two sons Nosht and Nacht and adopt a friend of Nosht that they would name Naktis.

Personality: Brave and courageous with a dark sense of humorous but when he’s focused he becomes serious. Very protective.

Occupation: Exorcist, my meister type: Knight. Does several odd jobs like the rest of the clan but loves working at the Fast Food Lane Chain at Akiba.

Likes: I love sweets, music, dancing, partying and spending time with family and friends.

// Admin note: The rest of his story has been developed through years of roleplay. Too much to add here. For images I use please see my photo albums. //