Akiba Flower Shop & Perfumery

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      *Heads to the flower shop in Akiba. She heard there was a perfumery there too so she would be picking up a birthday gift for Helena.* I’ll have to chose a sweet scent to compliment that kind personality of her. *She smiles* This will take a little while.

    • Jean Grey
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      *Jean had woken up early and took advantage of the surprisingly warm weather to take a stroll at the city. Since living here in this new universe, she had become better acquainted with the city and learned how to take certain shortcuts to get to her destination faster. She spots a lovely flower shop and goes inside* The flowers are gorgeous! Oh! Perfumes! *Jean took her time with checking the sweet scents of the perfumes and got just a few that she liked. She then goes to the flower shop again and spotted some beautiful red roses* Perfect! * She heads to the cashier and pays then heads out for another stroll* The day is gorgeous, definitely not to spend it indoors!

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      *Once Dieguito reached Akihabara, he went to a small flower shop. He hoped that Lady Hikari was still in the hospital when he returned with the bouquet he got her as a thank you.*