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  • *She laughs* Well don’t just stand under it then! *She says to Tetsu and then turns her attention to Urakaze* Arigato! *hugs her back*

  • *She was hugging Yukiko back and taking the present when her husband suddenly lifted her. She laughs with full enthusiasm.* Arigato! Domo Arigato! *She then hugs her husband.* I really appreciate it! Happy Birthday to my fellow siblings, nieces, nephews, and other family members born on the same month!! I hope you have a great birthday! *She turns to Yukiko with a gift for her too.* Sis, Yukii! Love you!

  • *rather than using the blood alchemy she threatened Vampirella Yuki with, Purgatori had crossed her arms in an attempt to evade the speedy punches and kicks she was receiving, it was then that she decided she would use the powers of illusion to manipulate her sister into hitting thin air while she retreats to recuperate the relic. She was aware that Lady Death had begun to move and wasn’t about to let her get control over the relic.* Hmm;h, this will tire you out!

  • *Kaname Purgatori realizes her disadvantage and suddenly loses momentum when she feels the impact of Vampirella Yukii’s attack. She tries to catch her breath and push Vampirella Yukii off her.* You fool! *she grinned* I am versed in blood alchemy! What do you think you will accomplish! *She then launches a punch towards  Vampirella Yukii’s stomach from underneath.*

  • *She had taken several hits as she fought both Lady Death Momo and Vampirella Yukii. In the confusion she didn’t notice when Vampirella slipped away, then came the cover of the light. They were drenched in darkness, she tried to grab on to Lady Death’s arms but she had slipped away. There was a strange silence as if they stood still and waited for the clouds to move away from the moon. Feeling at a disadvantage in total darkness, she growls and slowly takes flight upward trying to catch a glimpse of movement from her two sisters.* Grr! Where are they hiding? Someone took the relic! I must retrieve it! That power is mine!

  • *Kaname had been setting up camp just outside the perimeter that her sisters had found the relic. Then something strange caught her attention. She put everything she had on her hand down and turned to see a strange glow and was surprised to see the shape her sisters had taken. She could tell it was them because it was their aura except it seemed enhanced. She ran over with urgency, as she sees the relic, the jumps in order to contain the relic and stop her sisters from fighting. She was getting closer* What the hell? They are almost unrecognizable in those forms! *he heart pounding fast.* I have to stop this! *She put her hand on the relic but the scent also unleashed something inside Kaname. She fell prey to the powers of the relic as well. The light and the mist of the relic messed with her eyes, an illusion created by the relic made her think that her sisters are her enemies and trying to steal the relic.* You will not succeed in stealing this item fiends! Who are you? *at this point she was no longer recognizing Momo and Yukii. Kaname’s form had morphed into Purgatory.* Hand it over or face my wrath! The relic shall be mine!!

  • hehe congratulations Daniel and Cyan! We all love you both!

  • Wait wait! We got it all right here for after dessert! Hahaha the horror of horror but old classic family favorites…Green Devils Absinthe +96 Degrees of Life Water Spirytus Vodka!!!!

  • *She feels comfortable in her husband’s arms.* Happy Anniversary mommy Helena and daddy Gin! Love you so much!

  • Welcome to Silver Soul Airlines! *She was telling everyone which terminal they had to be at.*

    // don’t normally use this character but she looks a bit like a mix of me and mommy Helena 😉 //

  • Hope all the father’s had a great Father’s Day!!!

    *She watches her husband with her sons and laughs* They were always a handful but always great! He handles them well. *She walks over to Akuto Sosky* I love you! Happy Father’s Day!

    *Then walks towards her father Gin and hugs him tightly.* Happy Father’s Day daddy Gin! Love you very much! Arigato for everything you’ve ever done for us! I hope you liked my speech haha

  • Happy Father’s Day to all dads (rl & rp)!!!

    Happy Father’s Day daddy Gin! The man who taught us the value of delicious sweets, especially parfaits, the importance of digging your nose, saying Oi and flipping the bird when we don’t like something. *she laughs* But most of all arigato for teaching us love, understanding, compassion, leadership, how to get our hands dirty when no one else will, and the importance of family and friends! WE love you!! Happy Father’s Day! Oi! *she hugs him and gives him a kiss* Enjoy your table of jumbo parfaits!

    *Hugs her husband* Happy Father’s Day my sexy Akuto Sosky! xoxo @akutososky

  • OH suuuuuuure she’s not!*waves to him and laughs.*

  • Hi Urakaze, I’m Kaname, nice to meet you! Have fun! *she nudges her brother Tetsu and whispers* Tell me all about your girlfriend later okay. Arigato Tetsu! *She smiles* Alright, I’ll leave a plate aside for sis Tetsumi.

  • *She hears Kuroko* Hey Tetsu brother! Where’s your twin? *she smiles*

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