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Kaname Rinatoki Chidori OkumuraSakata-Sagara (SkyBlueSugarDemon)



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Full name: Kaname Rinatoki Chidori Okumura Sakata-SaiSagara
NickName: KanaRini / Rinny
Hero Name: Purgatori Kana Rini
Mithril Codename: Angel
Proud Member of the Sato Naphalem Branch of the SugarDemon family within the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: SkyBlueSugarDemon
Biological Daughter of Gintoki Lucifer and Helena (SugarDemon)
BirthDate: Dec.24th (Capricorn)
Twin Sister: Yukiko Ayame
Biological Siblings: Leo, Night, Rintoki, Yukio, Tetsuya, Kaname, Tessa, and Momo
Adopted Siblings: Too many to mention but loves them all the same.
Husband: AkutoSosuke “Zero” GrimsugarDemon Sai-Sagara Kondo
Sons: Koga, Ryuugi and Ouzou. (The Triplets Devil)

Hair Color: mainly Sky Blue sometimes turns navy blue and on rare occasion it turns silver.
Eye Colors: mainly caramel but will sometimes change a feature inherited from her mommy Helena.
Species: Human/Demon/Demi-Seraph/ Hybrid
Height: 166 cm / Weight: 50 kg / Blood type : B
Inherited Gehenna Flames: SkyBlue / Purgatori (tries not to rely on her Gehenna Flames)

BackStory Basics:
While father Gintoki Lucifer was fighting the Joui war and mother Helena was being pursued by malicious intergallactic mercenaries. The temple Kaname’s mother Helena left her in had burnt down but some nuns found her, gave her shelter and eventually they found her a new place. Kaname was fortunate to be raised by good family and might have gotten glimpses her biological parents checking on her while she was younger. At the time Kaname was raised by the Chidori family, she lived with a lady she believed to be her mother, her name was Shizu (sadly, she passed away from difficulties with cancer). The man who raised her was named Shunya, he was working for the United Nations, he had a daughter whom Kaname embraced as her younger sister, her name was Ayame. These people raised her the best way they could and were her family until the time her adopted father left her a file with the true identity of her biological parents and how she had come to be part of the Chidori family. As time passed and certain events came to pass she finally reunited with her biological family. Her abilities didn’t start to flourish until after she met her husband AkutoSosuke, it started with her whispered abilities and later on several others began to surface as she met her biological family. During an expedition with some of her sisters, she came across a relic that awakened her dormant Purgatori mode. Legend has it that an untrustworthy demonic vampire named Sakkarah was obsessed with Gintoki Lucifer, since he only had eyes for Helena, Sakkarah became obsessed and made plenty of trouble for Lucifer. Sakkarah swore that if Gintoki Lucifer didn’t mate with her, she would curse his first female child. When Lucifer finally had enough and eliminated Sakkarah, Kaname inherited all of Sakkurah’s powers but it would also turn Kaname into a tormenting and devious devil with a lust for power and self-service when Kaname was stressed and emotionally unbalanced.. It took years for her to be able to master control over this side of herself. Once she did, she was able to use her additional abilities to fight other monsters and turn this curse into something somewhat positive but it always had its side-effects. Thanks to her twin Yukiko she learned to quench her thirst for human blood while in this mode by drinkings substitute blood. Because Sakkurah was a complex and dangerous demoness. Kaname feels as if she is taken over by Sakkurah herself when she turns into Purgatori so she not only avoids using many of her powers but fears them taking over her own body. She hasn’t mastered all of Sakkurah’s abilities. Kaname learned to do hand to hand combat and trained using regular weapons so that she doesn’t always have to rely on her demonic powers. She also learned some magic to be able to combat anyone that tried to use magic against her or her loved ones.

Personality: Although she’s very determined, confident, organized, attentive and responsible, she can just as easily exhibit a wild, defensive, fiery, loud and energetic personality. She loves to have fun and is considered a tsundere.
Hobbies: Softball, cooking, dancing at the nightclub
Education: Studied at Jindai High School and True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flames

Occupation: Works OddJobs Freelancer for clan businesses. Shinsengumi Officer. Whispered at Mithril, Social Worker and Guidance Counselor at True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flames
former President of Student Council & School Affairs at True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flames and Former Student Council President at Jindai High School

Weapons/ Abilities: Whispered (Those who are capable of creating Black Technology, devices that are far more advanced than those of present time). SkyBlue Hellfire Manipulation. Unarmed Combat. Shapeshifting in to a warrior catwoman which allows her to utilizes her claws for damaging effects on her enemies and makes her agile enough to do flips, jumps, including fast lunges and leaps off wall. When she is in Purgatori mode her skin turns blood red and gains vampiri wings and her abilities are double those she already has as the daughter of Lucifer. These abilities include Agility, Blood Control, Fire Breathing, Flight, Healing, Hypnosis, Paranormal Awareness, Invulnerability, Power Mimicry, Increased Stamina+Strength+Speed, Telepathy, Teleportation & Teleportation Interference, Ontopathogenesis: Infecting and merging with reality itself, Vampirism and the Siphoning of other’s abilities and lifeforce.

She inherited several mystical relics from Sakkurah but stored them away daring not to touch them yet:
Chalice of Regeneration: A keepsake of Lucifer’s before his fall to devildom. It carries his blood within its cup which never runs out, constantly refilling itself and brimming with odd powers.
Nightmare: A demonic blade forged in the realm of Asgard, once belonging to her sister Lady Death Momo.
Neurotech: a power to enslave the earth using it to amplify her psychic powers 100 fold.

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