Understanding the Human Mind (Continuation)

  • Understanding the Human Mind (Continuation)

  • Jean Grey κοσμικόςSugarSpirit

    August 20, 2021 at 2:41 am

    *Adding new topics related to Reality Warping* Ok my dear students, as we will start training next week, you will learn what power level you have using this skill. Although as per my list, I am teaching a group of high level students…good! That means I can train you harder on this! *winks* Kidding! Baby steps but I do expect that most of you reach at least the Advanced Level, possibly Master!

      Power Levels

    Basic-level Users
    Users of this stage cannot break the laws of physics, but they can bend them, such as running on vertical walls. They are the weakest of reality warpers, being severely limited, and are debatable to being called “Reality Warpers”.

    Advanced-Level Users
    Users of this can mimic animated characters. Users of this level of power can perform a seemingly impossible feat (e.g. producing a mallet out of thin air). Some may be able to impose their laws onto others.

    Master-Level Users
    Users of this power level are a very powerful force to be reckoned with. They can manipulate physics, allowing them to not only bend but even break the laws of physics. Being the general form of reality warper, ‘Physics Manipulators’ can invent their physical laws and impose them on the rest of the universe.

    Ultimate-Level Users
    These are the rarest among other reality warpers. Not only that they can break the laws of physics, they can control the very rules of logic and reason to perform feats that are not only impossible but also inconceivable. They are so powerful, they may appear to be practically nigh omnipotent.

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