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Keiichi *AureateSugarDemon

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Fullname: Keiichi TestarossaOkumuraSakata-HohenheimElric
Birthday: Feb. 17
Hair Color: Blonde/ Light Blonde
Eye Colors: Mainly blue but sometimes red, silver and amber.

Proud Member of the SugarDemon family, the Whispered Xerxezian Family Unit and SatoDemone branch of the GrandSugarClan

ClanName: AlkahestrianSursurroMasterSugarDemon / AureateSugarDemon

Parents: Edwardo and Teletha Ginger (SugarDemon)
Grandparents: Kintoki Belial Sakata and Gintoki & Helena Sakata
Twin Brother: Kinzou
Adoptive Sister: Satzuki Rae

Basics: I was born right after Kinzou. I’m kind, usually sleepy, easygoing, and trustworthy. I am a musician, I love reading and my favorite food is rice balls. I’m also a healer, whispered, alchemist and an exorcist. You can see the difference between my twin and me because I have blue dreamy eyes.

Occupation: Student and Part-time Odds Jobs Assistant at Yorozuya