Understanding the Human Mind (Continuation)

  • Understanding the Human Mind (Continuation)

  • Sonar Akitoki *AndroidezSugarSpirit* Elric OkumuraSakata

    February 24, 2019 at 5:37 am

    *Sonar had decided to join this class. One to learn about the human mind in order to understand human’s mind more but also his own since there was more and more about him bordering on human. He took a seat near the window where he liked to be able to sense the light outside warming his body. He then took mental notes of the discussions in the class into a particular database area meant for the absorption of information. He didn’t need to take notes so he never brought a pen and paper to class with him.

    *He raised his hand to answer Grey sensei’s question.*
    As implied by the words and to put it in the simplest of terms. Telepathy, it’s invisible for the most part and is the transfer emotions or thoughts from one person to another. While telekinesis is visible, it is the ability of the mind to move objects. Such as has been demonstrated in class. *He wasn’t sure he was ready for any kind of combat training but he would participate.*

  • Jean Grey κοσμικόςSugarSpirit

    February 24, 2019 at 10:52 pm

    Excellent response, Sonar! May I also add that with telepathy not only can you transfer thoughts and emotions to other, you can also detect the other person’s emotions and thoughts before they execute their move and based on my combat experience, this is incredibly helpful! But this technique, as any other, requires plenty of practice! Maybe next week I will introduce you to someone who is experienced in this skill, some of you in this class may know her, some don’t! Hopefully we can show you a demonstration so you can see how this skill may be effective during combat, especially hand to hand combat!

    Continue to practice and study, there’s also a test coming up soon! Take care and be safe on your way home! Class dismissed! *smiles*

  • Jean Grey κοσμικόςSugarSpirit

    March 12, 2019 at 8:58 pm

    Greetings Class! Today we will discuss “Channeling your Emotions while using Telekinesis” Now this is a very important topic since emotions can be the drive on how you will use your telekinetic powers, especially during combat! *leans against her desk and continues with her class*
    Now, the gateways of expression for your mind are called emotions. They are also outlets for the immense energy contained in your body. Whenever you feel extremely positive about anything, your heart just feels like bursting with happiness! These emotions are also factored by the vibrations that are generated in your surroundings. Hence, try to enhance your energy levels, and harness them by doing activities that will make you more positive and energized. However, there are negative emotions also, like anger and aggression. Prominent examples of telekinesis have been observed in children and adolescents, who cause objects to move under the pressure of sudden hormonal surges and oscillating aggression levels. But it is always good to imbibe more positive energies in the long run to undertake this method. Thus, along with meditation, try out some exercises to enhance your emotions. This can be achieved by reading good books, or by listening to mantras. Hence, meditation followed by channeling the emotions will guide you on how to use telekinesis easily. It is of extreme importance that not only you should have a clear mind, but also do not let your emotions get in the way…cause if you do…you might end up hurting those you hold dear. *She remained silent as she remembered one time she almost killed her team then suddenly realizes that her students were looking at her oddly. She chuckles then continues* OK class, we are having a quiz this Friday on all that was taught until now, so study plenty! Class dismissed!

  • Yukio Ginpachi WiseSugarDemon OkumuraSakata

    May 1, 2019 at 8:43 pm

    *Stops in to observe Grey sensei’s class. He takes some notes, he smiles and nods at her.* Excellent! *he remains there for a while and hopes the students are enjoying themselves as well.*

  • *As she walked through the academy halls. The voice of Lady Grey caught her attention. She stopped outside the door of the classroom and listened to a little of her lecture. Intrigued, she wrote down the number of the room.* I will ask Principal Yukio if I can still sign up for this course. It sounds fascinating. *She then continued down the corridor to the lunch room to obtain the nutrients she needed for her tired body.*

  • Jean Grey κοσμικόςSugarSpirit

    March 25, 2020 at 2:18 am

    *Jean was in her classroom making preparations for the upcoming class. She looks at the list of students who registered for this class and sees that not only a few of her students from the past semester will return but also a good group of newcomers will attend as well. She places the list over her desk then stands by the window observing the sun setting beautifully despite the not so cloudy sky. She wondered if any of the newcomers were the ones she had sensed from the Borderlands. Jean had sensed new auras entering Skyrie during the apocalypse and hoped that they were not to bring any trouble but that was just wishful thinking. She also recalled feeling a few strong ones when she was helping Lady Helena. She sensed that they were lured by her powers and was glad that she was able to complete her part in rescuing her in due time. She felt at ease knowing that she will be there for her when needed; somehow their cosmic energies were connected and she will be reachable no matter the distance. For now, everything was back to normal and everyone is settling in exceptionally well. Jean smiles softly then finishes up her class preparation*

  • Jean Grey κοσμικόςSugarSpirit

    April 22, 2020 at 3:13 am

    *Sitting on her desk, Jean reads one last time the classes she will begin to teach before her students enter the classroom. She wanted to teach different tactical uses of telekinesis and telepathy, especially if facing such dangerous events as the apocalypse. She will use these events as examples but carefully explaining it as if it happened in other planets. She knew that only a select few of her students were aware of the events that took place in Skyrie and wanted to make sure not to raise any concerns for the new students who registered for this class.* OK! I guess this small list can be a good start! *She gets up and starts writing down a chronological list of topics that will be discussed throughout the semester. Still writing on the board, she already senses a few presences in the classroom* Good Morning! *She turns around and smiles*
Welcome to the “Understanding the Human Mind” class! My name is Jean Grey! *smiles again* For my new students, I left a booklet with a detailed summary of last semester’s topics. You can take it home and read it at your own pace but don’t slack! I will quiz you! *Chuckles as she hears a few whining about the quiz* Now, now…I promise it will be easy! *Turns back around and finish writing her list* OK! For this semester, we will discuss these topics here! *She points at the blackboard* We will discuss these in order and also practice how to use them at the training facilities. The list is as follows:

    Psi Combat
    Combat Merging
    Psionic Combat
    Psychic Beam Emission
    Psychic Constructs
    Psychic Energy Manipulation
    Psychic Infusion
    Tactile Telekinesis
    Territory Creation

    *She stands in front of her desk and leans herself against it, as if almost sitting on it*  I expect this semester to be quite interesting and hopefully you will too. Now let’s start by introducing ourselves, I do see some new faces and I want them to feel welcomed! No need to give me a summary, just your first and last name and at what level of telekinesis or telepathy or both you believe you find yourself in. I’ll start! Hello, my name is Jean Grey…again! *chuckles* I’m a human mutant born with both telekinetic and telepathic abilities and I’m a master level! *She didn’t want to say that she in fact was a cosmic entity with universal level for she was not quite ready to reveal such information* Who’s next?

  • *Returns to Sensei Grey’s class to continue to advance his abilities. He walks in greets the teacher and any students there and takes a seat quietly absorbing all the information that Sensei Grey is offering them.*

  • *Although Alfonsina was very well versed in her powers and abilities. She was determined to stay on top of her game. And if Jean Grey had things that she could use as either a refresher course or if she could learn something new it would benefit her anyway. She was curious, experimental, and was always ready to absorb plenty of knowledge.* Ohayou Sensei Grey! I’ll be joining in with your class. We’ve met before, my name is Alfonsina, and my husband is Principal Yukio.

  • *Tamaki signs herself and her sons up for classes with Sensei Grey. She knows it will be awkward to be in class with them but maybe fun at the same time and it would allow her to observe their skills too.* This should do it. *She makes sure her application is complete and then heads out to get the necessary books on the subject.* @ritsu @shigeo

  • Jean Grey κοσμικόςSugarSpirit

    June 16, 2020 at 4:46 am

    *After teaching a few lessons and giving surprised quizzes to her students, Jean decided to teach a almost tactical class and she writes down the words “Telekinetic Weaponry” and starts walking around the classroom as she begins to explain her subject* Telekinetic Weaponry! Any idea of what this is? Is quite self explanatory, in my opinion at least. *She stops right in front of the class and leans against her desk* Telekinetic weaponry is the power to create weapons with telekinetic energy…now…it’s not just any weapon. The more complicated, the less effective it will be so it is best to create a weapon where it will not take too much time and energy and most importantly…easy to maneuver! For example, I love archery! I’m pretty good with a bow and arrow so with my telekinesis I focus my energy in creating this weapon. Here it goes: *Jean places her hands together then focuses her energy onto them. Her fiery aura is concentrated on her hands then Jean takes a stance and extends her arms as if holding an actual bow and arrow. A beautiful fiery bow and arrow can be clearly seen as she points towards the window. She smiles softly as she sees the wide eye students staring at her weapon in awe* Now, the advantage of a telekinetic weapon is that it is twice as effective as a normal one; meaning, it can create more damage. If I were to shoot this arrow towards that beautiful tree line that leads to the front gate of the campus, not only will it pierce each and every one of them it may also cause a major wildfire and poor of the soul who gets in the way of this arrow’s trajectory. OK! *she lowers her bow and arrow and it slowly disappears* Before this week ends, we will go to the training facilities to practice on focusing our telekinetic energies to create weapons..very simple ones! On chapter six, you will find more detailed information about telekinetic weaponry. Read it and takes notes, we’ll discuss further tomorrow. Have a good night my students! Class dismissed!

  • Shigeo “Mob” HayashiSakataKageyama

    July 28, 2020 at 3:39 pm

    *He was one of the few that was not overly surprised when he saw others use their psychic abilities. He was the strongest psychic from the world he came from and fortunately,  he had Arataka to help him from using his full potential. This class, that his mother, Tamaki, signed him up for would allow him to be less dependent on Arataka and give him more control. The subjects were clear and easy to follow and he exceeded in class in each of these subjects. He understood that his emotional state had a lot to do with his own abilities and learning that meditation could  help him focus was a highlight for him.*

  • Jean Grey κοσμικόςSugarSpirit

    July 29, 2020 at 3:01 pm

    *Jean was glad as to how well the class has done throughout the summertime. She was reviewing each of her students work and found herself very impressed with their capabilities of understanding psychic abilities* Excellent! They even excelled in their quizzes and exams! *finishes her summer portfolio and begins to prep for the fall semester*

  • Jean Grey κοσμικόςSugarSpirit

    September 16, 2020 at 2:37 pm

    *While her students arrive at the classroom and takes a seat on his/her favorite spot; Jean was busy placing a large poster over the blackboard. It had a hexagon shaped figure and in each angle there were circles of different colors with Japanese writing on it. Right next to the circles were the translations in English. Once she notices that all her students arrived, she greets them with a smile* Good morning! So great to see you again! *she finishes setting up the poster then begins the session*. Hopefully you all read chapter six so we can further discuss it today; which by the way, it’s a chapter that even peaked my interest! I personally find it Interesting because the particular skill set that is written here is somewhat confused with telekinesis….well, at least certain stages of it. *She opens her book until she reaches the chapter then grabs a ruler and stands next to the poster* Ok! I’m confident that you all studied *soft chuckle* Can someone explain what is Nen? *with her ruler, Jean points at a few circles: “Enhancement”, “Manipulation” and “Transmutation” as if giving hints for her next question* And explain in detail why it may be similar to telekinesis?

  • Zehellenia Zatanaela ⛧ MávrosInfernusFlameSugarFiend

    December 4, 2020 at 8:41 am

    *Zehellenia had a lot to catch up on in these rigorous classes. She was a natural at many of the courses that Sensei Grey had taught and now she could put a name to some of the abilities she was learning she was able to do with relative ease. She was up to the class where they were speaking about Nen. She raises her hand to respond after the laughter died down and Gon was calm again.*
    Nen is the ability to use mind force. It’s a technique that allows it’s user to mainpulate their own aura to control life energy. It is similar to telekinesis because it enables the use of psychological/supernatural like powers and abilities, in some case very specific abilities. So, a nen user is able to control their own aura flow and utilize the energy.

    *She taps her fingers on her chin for a moment.* But perhaps telekinesis is more closely related to the manipulator and emitter ability use of nen. I guess the key work here is that nen and telekinesis control. Both require the ability to control a certain flow of power in order to manipulate a certain outcome.

    Perhaps the difference is that Nen seems to require certain conditions and limitations. Since nen is an expression of willpower, setting internal restrictions on your usage of nen shows the strength of your resolve, which can greatly increase the power of your nen abilities.

    *Realizing she’s said more than she was expected to. She sits back down and lets someone else chime in.*

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