Concentration of Madness

  • Concentration of Madness

  • Hellcat (Trixie Walker)

    December 28, 2019 at 7:22 am

    Madness, the state of being mentally ill. The peak of severe derangement. A psychological paralysis of sanity and the reason the patients are imprisoned in this far off asylum. An institution claiming to have the cure for the lunacy that plagues the mind. Using scientific methods and denying all ideas or notions of magic, occultism or the supernatural. No, you see, it’s all in your mind. But there was one scientist that couldn’t broke after treating so many patients with these strange maladies. So many things, this scientist could not explain. It lead him to a form of psychosis. He hid it well. He hid it from his fellow workers, he hid this from his patients and he developed a bit of a dual personality. The rigid scientist who believed in curing his patients and on the other hand, the Mr. Hyde to his Dr. Jekyll. You’ve heard of the story, or at least fractions of it. Man by day, monster by night. But our scientist dabbled in the occult when he wasn’t practicing science. And where did it lead him? It lead him to a strange discovery. He was able to harness the madness in his patients mind, this madness looked like an aura of different colors, green, black and orange dancing together with no rhythm at all. Red, this was the most dangerous aura but he used an enchantment he learned. One he thought would only give him power and do him no harm at all. He was only fooling himself. Remember, using magick, especially dark magick… always comes with a price. In this case our doctor lost his life after mixing so many auras in his quest for power. The spell gave him the means to create a manifestation of madness but no means to control what would come from such an invocation. 

    The night before the great explosion at the lab, Madness had been born. And it had already taken its first victim, the doctor that summoned him. Madness did what he did best, he drove him mad until the doctor smashed his own brain with a hammer. He just couldn’t take it anymore. 

    Madness, grinned as he stepped over the corpse and tried to copy the body of a human as best it could. Then it went through the corridors of those that had been sleeping in the asylum and one by one, he harnessed their madness in order to gain more and more power. 

    Could such a being be stopped?

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