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Sirene 《GarrasSeductorasSugarFiend》



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Name: Sirene (aka Silene)
Species: Demonic Bird of Prey
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Leaning towards Evil
Former Lover of Lord Amon (Devilman)
Member of the SugarFiend Branch of the GrandSugarClan
Sirene status: Deceased, killed by Lord Amon (Devilman). Her soul is being tortured in hell.

Basics: A beautiful female demon sometimes mistaken for an angel. She generally looks like a hybrid human/bird of prey but she has talons, a feathered tail and crest-like plumage around her face. She also has large wings sprouting out of her head which allows her to take flight.

Her alignment is chaotic neutral but since her last encounter with Lord Amon @devilman who rejected, killed her and sent her back to hell, she is aligning herself more with evil.
Her powers include flight, teleportation, boomerang claws, light telekinesis, human disguise (but she still looks more like a ghost), regeneration and eye beams.

Sirene is deeply in love with the mighty demon Lord Amon. They’ve known each other a long time and at once point, they were very close.
She doesn’t have a good outlook on humans but she mainly hates those that try to approach and influence Lord Amon as Akira, when she feel he’s more vulnerable to their ideals.

She left The Road to Gehenna’s Gates Cita Infernal with the intent to find Lord Amon who was sent by Emperor Satan @kuroyassha to hunt and destroy anything his brother Lucifer @shiroyassha held dear.

Sirene, selfishly headed towards the human world, past the borderlands and into the cities looking for him. In the end, his wish to deny himself feelings or any obstacles led him to eliminate her from his path. He ultimately and brutally killed her which sent her back to the infernal realm. This made Sirene regret her time in the human world and after some time in deep sadness over his rejection, she began to harbor feelings of vengeance. She already thought of starting with killing his relative Jun @devillady but for now she had to strengthen herself, obtain passage out of the borderlands and find both Lord Amon and Lady Abyzou.

She’s currently in the Inferno, Beyond the Gates of Gehenna.

Her saga continues…

admin Special Notes
GSC Antagonist, I play multiple nemesis for a few rps and sometimes neutral characters if needed.
Current Alt Character: Nurse Aki at SugarView Medical Center, Diana (Scorn of the Moon) and Vampire Yoko at Sanguinarium Society
Past Main Alt. Characters: Carmilla The Vampires (Status: Deceased. Killed at Sanguinarium Society by Commander Kondo, Alucard and Saya.

I’m under no obligation to add you as a friend.
I’m under no obligation to respond to anyone’s drama.
I’m under no obligation to explain myself to you or anyone.
I came here to rp and I rp with those I already have a relationship with.
And I certainly don’t give a shit what you think about me.