SugarSkull Haunted Insane Asylum! (A group made by members of the GrandSugarClan).
Far up in the hills of Sugarland, there exists an insane asylum undiscovered by new developments due to its secret location. Some say it doesn’t exist anymore and that the only thing in the old asylum are ghosts. But are they right? Or are there still lunatics within the dark corridors of the asylum?
// this group is mainly for rp family and friends who can handle gory and expilict scenarios but all are welcomed.//

1. You can rp as your own character or a newly made-up character / alternative character (but please don’t imitate/copy an existing GSC family member)
2. If you’re easily offended leave! Now!
3. Absolutely NO kiddy porn or animal cruelty
4.Don’t be rude, be creative. If your character is rude, give the person you are playing with a heads up.
5. Whatever happens in here stays in here. The story should not be bleed into your daily rp (especially our GSC rp) family lives. They shouldn’t be related unless clearly stated. //

Group admins

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Group mods

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