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      // This is a reference for those unfamiliar with some words used frequently on the site or otherwise related to roleplay. Feel free to add more!

      Actions: Normally denoted using asterisks, but I have seen hyphens in use before. A third person style narrative of what your character is doing.

      Apple: Hey that’s me! :O

      Arigato: Thank you.

      Ecchi: Suggestive role play/media. Would have light nudity but not as strong as hentai.

      Godmodding: Giving a character the ability to do practically anything, or taking control of other roleplayers’ characters’ actions. Frowned upon.

      Hentai: Erotic role play/media. Usually disallowed in groups.

      Mary Sue: A character who is unrealistically perfect. Male equivalents may be referred to as Gary Sue. Frowned upon.

      Minna: Everyone.

      OOC: Out Of Character. Normally denoted with double forward slashes, or sometimes parentheses (brackets). This is used for talking outside of your character’s role, for example to ask about the
      current time of day in the roleplay.

      RL: Real Life.

      RP: Role Play. The act of pretending to be another (usually fictional) character and doing actions.

      Yaoi/Yuri: Gay/Lesbian erotic media respectively.

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      OC: Original Character. A character invented by the roleplayer themself, rather than from a video game, movie or anime. Like Apple!

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      Hai: Yes. (This one always catches me out because I tended to use it as a slightly elongated “hi”.)

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      // canon:

      a term used by creators/actors/authors of a published work or series to confirm that it is a true event in and of that world. For example:

      “It is <u>canon</u> that Darth Vader was Anakin Skywalker.”

      Other tenses include: canonical


      the perceived or projected idea/theory of a relationship, character, or event, that is NOT canonical. Often created by fans. See “Bland Marvel Headcanons” for prime examples.

      EX: “<u>HeadCanon</u> that Aragorn and Legolas knee each other since Aragorn was a child and are best friends.”


      // OOC:

      the abbreviation for the term Out Of Character. This is typically used with parentheses, brackets or double slashes. (), [], // and only when speaking out of Roleplay.

      For Example:

      Rylah moved slowly through the woods, shivering at the cold bite of winter. <u>((I’ve got to go! See you tomorrow))</u>


      //OOC {alt.}

      the other version of this, is commonly used by those roleplaying as canon characters. OOC in this case, means that the way that they are interacting as the character is NOT how the character acts in canon. This is not for OC characters- only Canon Characters.


      If I think of anymore, I’ll add them.