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Laxus Dreyar

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Full Name: Laxus Dreyar

Relatives (all left behind in the old world):
Ivan Dreyar (Father)
Makarov Dreyar (Grandfather)
Yuri Dreyar (Great-Grandfather)
Rita (Great-Grandmother)

Occupation: S-Class Mage
Team: Thunder God Tribe, Team Fairy Tail, Team Fairy Tail B

Basics: Laxus is the grandson of the third Guild master Makarov and was since he was a child a member of his guild. His father, Ivan Dreyar, has implanted a so called “Dragon Lacrima” into Laxus body, allowing him to use Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic. Since then was his childhood hard for him. Laxus always felt that he was only seen as Makarov’s grandsom and got the feeling of never getting the credit he deserved….
Then due to his arrogance and eagerness, his worst side came forth in his attempt to take over the guild, where he fell into a Berserk state, and showed no mercy to no one. This has gone even so far, that he laughed at his grandfathers perilous condition & to annihilate all people of Magnolia for his goals.
For these actions he was exiled from the guild. Later to appear in the borderlands of Skyrieverse and starting a new life in the new world.

Personality: Strong, ambitious, aggressive, arrogant, later humbled by his exile from the guild. He tries to be open-minded although he’s short tempered and treats all his friends with the greatest care.

Abilities: Lightning Magic, Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic, Thought Projection, Organic Link Magic, Fairy Magic (Fairy Law only), Letter Magic

Affiliation: Fairy Tail Guild, Foxy Tail Guild, Friend of the GrandSugarClan