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Noriaki Kakyoin +Amante da Cereixa



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Full Name: Noriaki Kakyoin
Sign: Leo
Race: Human
Stand: Heirophant Green
Height: 178cm (5ft 10in) / Weight: 65kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Hair color: cherry red / brownish
Eye color: varies from Orange to lavendar
Occupation: Honor Student/ Traveler
Favorite Foods: Cherries
Favorite Musician: Sting

Basics: He’s considered handsome and captures the attention of many ladies. At first he seems evil and cruel but he had been brainwashed by Dio. He actually turned out to be blunt, smart, kind and loyal but ruthless towards his enemies.

Unforeseen circumstances brought him to Skyrie. He arrived along with Avdol and Polnareff in this new dimension. He recovered at True White Crystalline Flame General Infirmary. And would soon start a new and bizarre adventure in his new path.

Alliance: Joestar Family and friend & ally of the GrandSugarClan

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