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  • *Kaname sees Mai and walks over to greet her.* Come in! The classes are ongoing and everyone is warming up. You’re just in time. *she bows* My name is Kaname, granddaughter of the dojo owner Ranma. It’s great to meet you. Hmm *she looks at Mai and rubs her own chin for a moment and then smiles.* You look like you’re not exactly a novice at this. Do you have experience?

  • **Sibling Unrest**
    // My rp sisters and I had fun with this one. unfortunately, that was when mommy Helena’s fb profile got deleted so we lost her responses. The battled had started outside of graveland and ended up in the battlefield.//

  • *Kaname and Yukii investigating strange happenings in the old Graveland.*

  • // I found the perfect image for this one. //
    *The enemy pirate ships approach the port, their numbers becoming larger and darkening the otherwise bright skies of port pendulum.*

  • Welcome minna! My name is Kaname Rinatoki, a/k/a Kaname or Kana Rini is fine!
    And this is Teletha, you can call her Tessa! We are both daughters of Helena and Gintoki Lucifer! At your service!
    We also work as staff of True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flame but we do odd jobs for all our family businesses part time. Sis Tessa is married to Edwardo and I’m married to Akuto Sosky. You’ll probably meet them later. Anyway, I think that’s a little about us! (We’ll put our details on our personal profiles). Anyway, what you need to know is that the sweets here are awesome! Just let us know what you would like from our bakery! We have everything from bread, pastries, pudding, to sweet fruit drinks, milkshakes and for those of you who are into pure water, we’ve got that too! haha
    Anyway, come in and enjoy!
    *Kaname bows*

  • *Kaname was enjoying the chocolate delights that her auntie Noloty had made.* I’ll definitely take some of these home tonight! Myuu will be excited about all this chocolate. *she grins as she’s packing them up.*

  • *She looks around* Where are sisters Hex and Mei? They must still be recovering.

  • *After she sweeps up she heads to the kitchen to see what kinda of pastries and sweets were missing in the kitchen.* Figures! -_-
    We have a family with the appetite of voracious vacuum cleaners! They left this place empty! It looks like ransacked the damn shelves! *facepalms* I better head to the bakery as planned.

  • *she peaks into the large family dining area* Wow! This is huge! Definitely perfect for our family! *she laughs* Mommy Helena knows how to get things done! *rolls up her sleeves.* I better help her out. *she starts to sweep up the area to make sure it’s absolutely clean.*

  • *Kaname walks in and sees everyone relaxing in he lounging area.* Hi minna! *she smiles and waves.* Things seem to be looking better as we are retrieving more family. And the undead epidemic has almost been eradicated. It’s great! We’ll be able to go to the festival of friends at Akihabara soon!
    I hope everyone will be here for it! *She sighs a bit and then looks at Myuu.* I’m glad you’re actually home! Want me to drive over to the bakery and get you anything? *She shakes her head* That’s a trick question, you don’t have to answer. I was about to do that anyway. I have to check up on the bakery. *She sees luggage.* New family arrived! *She wonders if those are the same ones that Saya brought home.* Maybe I should have Akuto Sosky talk to them.

  • *Kaname stops inside the bakery and heads straight to her auntie Noloty whom she knew was the goddess Urd. She steps inside, fist making a call.* I’m at the bakery! I don’t see auntie Noloty yet but I thought you might need a special potion for Aura sis. *she told Akane on the phone.* What do you think? Should I get one or do you have the essential medicine there to treat her?

  • *Kaname stood inside the gates. She had finished checking on Myuu in the temple and calling Aura to see if she was safe. She grabbed her gun and took a walk around the gate.* Time to take out any stragglers. *She would aim her gun and shoot the brains of any walking dead that was still roaming outside the gates.* Rest in peace!

Viewing 46 - 57 of 57 posts