Halloween in the Kingdom of Ulthar

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      *Halloween was a strange time in the Kingdom of Ulthar. So many strange events had happened that many of the humans would leave the town and stay elsewhere during that time. But not the cat-kind of ulthar. This was their home, they had seen all of it’s ugliness and they were ready to celebrate in their own special way.*

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      *Kenneko and others of his kind would gather in their cat forms. They spent the time talking about the places they had been and where they would be heading during the Season of Samhain with their familiars. It was an eventful time, especially for the cats. Many of the dark black cats sought refuge in the Ultharian kingdom in order to keep themselves out of harms way due to strange superstitions surrounding them. Kenneko was glad this had become a safe haven for them and he would make sure to show them around the area and where they could rest and find food.*

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      *Masaneko ran wildly among the cats and they chased away any creatures that weren’t supposed to be in this area. Then they would set out to play. His form of playing was more of a training for his kind. He wanted to keep them safe after they fought so hard for these lands they could now roam around freely in.*

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      *Toraneko would smile. You could tell by the way his whiskers were shining that he was pleased with the outcome of all they had done. After celebrating their master’s birthday at the estate, they had decided it was best to go home and then later, they might even join the celebrations among their beloved clan.*

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      *He noticed a wall where the words he enjoyed looking at had been carved.*

      “Fast like the wind,

      Silent like a forest,

      Intrusive like the fire,

      Immobile like a mountain.”

      *Then he would add “Under heaven and earth, I alone am feared.” A slogan he applied to himself as the fearless leader of the residents of the Cats of Ulthar.*

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      *He turns to Masaneko.* I love how you think. Let’s get a few of these then and then get the ones promised to us. *he paws at Masaneko’s ear.*

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      *Nobuneko and Kageneko brought over a giant pumpkin that would be set in the middle of town.* We found something perfect! See here! *he pointed at it and then looked over to where the others were going? Are we heading to the clubs yet?

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      Come on big guy! We aren’t going to just decorate the town and leave. We have to have our own little party! Then we’ll join everyone for halloween celebrations at the clubs.

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      *He moved away from the giant pumpkin and towards Toraneko.* You know how he is. He loves to be among out beloved clan. Besides, he should know we will celebrate here first. I also think I should go and bring back food and drink for all of us. Those fish alone won’t do. They’ll disappear way before midnight comes.

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      *Kaneko would agree and he gave Kageneko a push.* Let’s go do that. I can just imagine the chaos if we don’t get enough food for our little shindig.* He laughs* Besides, there will be plenty of time to party with our clan. I have to say, the decor is coming together perfectly.

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      *Meanwhile Mochineko gently sets out the Halloween fish treats for cats that had been made for them by Lady Helena while the others went out and got more food.*