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Ginko Sakatachi-Hijikata (SnowbloodSugarFiend)



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Name Ginko Bellanieve Sakatachi-Hijikata
Call me Ginko
Alias: WhiteDemoness
Member of SugarFiend Branch of the GrandSugarClan
Clan name: Lady Snowblood SugarFiend
Race: Human/Demoness
Parents: Inuyassha and Kasumi
Husband: Toshizo Hijikata Saotome
StepSons: Roy and Kuze
Daughters: Towa, Setsuna, Moroha
Adopted son: Shu Kurenai

Occupation: Yorozuya, mercenary, sexy samurai, Sugarfiend.
Likes: Sweets, alcohol, Shonen Jump, strawberry milk, parfaits, candy, shopping.
Dislikes: ghosts and Otae’s gorilla booby grabs.

Short bio: Ginko considers Lilith and LuzHela her sisters since they grew up and fought their way through life together, but they aren’t related. Ginko is actually a lost daughter of Inuyassha and Kasumi. She wouldn’t find this out until later when she originally travelled with Lilith and LuzHela under Lord Satan’s influence to fight against the GrandSugarClan. In a change of fate, the clan won the over and Ginko felt a strong attraction to the family, eventually becoming a clan member herself.

She’s strong, independent and sassy. Loves sweets and sake. She’s an excellent sword fighter and is also part demon/ shapeshifter.

Later in life, she falls in love with and marries Toshizo and together they form a family.
// The rest has been told through rp.//

Alignment: Neutral but leaning towards benevolence.

Admin Note: Don’t send me messages or chats. I’ll ignore them.

++Ginko’s main character images:

Ginko of Gintama, Yorha No.2 Type B (2B) of NieR: Automata, Miyabi of Senran Kagura, Najenda of Akame Ga Kill!, Dante (Female Version) of Devil May Cry, Newbie Succubus of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!, Sirius of Azur Lane

Alka of Blade and Soul (as my sword.)

Ginko White Demoness images: Tomoe Gozen of Fate Grand Order, Malina and Beelzebub of Helltaker

and my personal IMVU images. For the most part if a character has short white/ gray hair and she looks like Ginko, I’ll use that image. You can also see my photo album to get the idea. ++