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Mochineko Amakasu ^-^ HonoratusSatouUltharian

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Name: Mochineko Amakasu
Race: Werecat
Nationality: Ultharian
Knight of the Order of SweetSugarSeraphim
Raised & cared for by Lady Helena
Enjoys spending time with Soji Azuma
member of the Satou Ultharian Army of the GrandSugarClan

Personality: Friendly, brave, kindhearted yet mysterious. He’s a mighty general among his peers.
Hobbies: Enjoys walking around and loves to take quick naps.
Favorite foods: Fruits and anything Lady Helena makes.
(Based on / Human name: Amakasu Kagemochi)

Admin Notes: Please don’t send me messages or chats. And my character is single and is staying that way.