Welcome to Skyrie! :)

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      Hi everyone! Welcome to Skyrie! Here you can be a roleplayer, an otaku, a gamer or whatever the creative writer or artists in you desires! This is the best group to join to ask questions and to learn more about skyrie.
      The best way to use skyrie is to watch how everyone else uses it and then test it out. Most everyone here is very friendly.

      The best way to start is to explore your own profile. You can add a profile photo, a cover photo, biography (yours or your characters), there’s a blog, photo albums and a place to fix you settings. Once you are familiar with using those, everything else will be easy.

      You should join groups that are public. Read the description and follow the instructions.
      You can introduce your “character” in many of these groups and you can ask people to roleplay with you.
      There are groups where you can discuss your favorite animes and manga.
      In the groups you will see something called “forums” this is for everyone to add or comment on topics.

      I’m a happy member of Skyrie so for any questions regarding the website or technical issues please contact Skyrie.

      Oh to tag friends or people you know on our wall use the “@” symbol and the username they go by.

      Enjoy! I’m sure you’ll figure out the rest as you explore further! There are several topics in this group that might help. You can even introduce yourselves here!
      Good Luck XD

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      ” Arigato for the warm welcome and description It helps me very much. I’m Miki it’s an honor to meet you all.”

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      “This will help me and my sister to understand how this site is and different types of how to navigate though the layout resembles Myspace where we are from but we thank you for the welcome it means a lot to us to be welcomed so kindly.” (Maya smiled as she bowed with respect toward the humans for the first time ever)

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      (Maya looked over at Miki and then to the green haired girl that seemed to be staring at them. She admitted she felt a little scared because of what had happened to them by the hands of humans but this one seemed to be of pure spirit because she was still a young human child.) “Miki, she is staring at us…”