Introductions continued… (please introduce yourself)

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      // Feel free to introduce yourself or your character here

      You can add what kind of roleplay you’re looking for.

      Where you came from…such as anirolepay, facebook, google plus etc

      If you know someone here


      How did you find out about Skyrie?


      You can also visit Skyrie Sandbox group and introduce yourself there plus it’s a good group for practicing how to use Skyrie…best of luck!


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      // Hello! I’m Simone!

      My character info is on my profile. I’m here to rp with someone who invited me here.

      Just looking to watch and rp.

      I was originally using  google plus.

      Nice to meet you all!



    • Teto Kasane
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      Hello~ I am Teto Kasane, i was told to begin here so here i am hehe. Information is in my bio i look forward to meeting you *Bows respectfully*

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      *She cleared her throat then accessed the program for speech that was installed so the humans could understand her which was put there by Aoba* Hello humans my name is Clara, it is nice to meet you. *Drops her head in a sort of bow*

      //All my information is on my bio, i look forward to meeting you all in due time. I am open to RP with friends but i will only watch and observe unless i am invited in as i do not like to intrude on anything its rude. Also Please NO DM’s and no matchmaking.//

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      *Bows in a formal greeting* Hello my name is Wei Ying/Wei WuXian nice to meet you.

      //I am from the live action and anime adaptations of The Untamed all information is in my bio.

    • Dr. Kureha
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      Hello! Dr. Kureha here! Nice to meet everyone! // I’ll add some info to my profile soon.//

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      *Just bows in a respective manner* I am Lan Wangji i am honored to meet you. 

      //Information is in my bio i look forward to meeting you in due time.//

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      Hello to you, my name is Jiang Cheng I am pleased to meet you -Gives a bow in greeting as he introduced himself- My information is in my bio.

    • Shen Wei
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      Hello everyone my name is Shen Wei and i am from the Chinese drama “Guardian” it is nice to meet you all. *Bowed respectfully then adjusted his glasses* Information is in my bio.

    • Zhao Yunlan
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      Chao all, my names Zhao Yun Lan and i came here with Shen Wei. We are from the Chinese drama Guardian as he said and we are honored to meet you. *Bows*

    • Shinya Kogami
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      *He gave a bow* Hello, my name is Shinya Kogami pleasure to meet you.

      //Information will added to my bio in moderation, look forward to meeting you in due time.