Improvements to the site

    • Acheta Himeson
    • #4842

      Discussing ways to make the site easier to use, and bringing attention to glitches.

    • Acheta Himeson
    • #5560

      On a person’s page, if the Load More button is clicked more than once, it will load the content more than once and repeat it. I got really confused because I had no idea why it was doing that… I kept clicking the button while it was loading and I got the content repeated to me 7 or so times. Not sure how that could be fixed. My dad mentioned something about putting requests in order.

    • Acheta Himeson
    • #5561

      Also “said right now ago” is odd syntax… I would change it to “said 0 seconds ago”

    • Skyrie
    • #5562

      Hello @acheta! Thanks for your post. We’re going to be releasing an updated version of Skyrie quite soon. I’ll take a look at the bugs you mentioned and see if I can get a fix for them as well.

      Let me know if you have any other issues or ideas!

    • #23393

      You know how on facebook you can open a chat box and add people to make a group chat? I think we should be able to do it on here, it’s convenient, quick, and it saves space on the screen so that multiple chats aren’t in the way.

    • #23421

      notifications from forums would also be nice, it would help to know when someone replies to a forum so that way we don’t make them wait for several hours

    • #81842

      Another thing would be to have an app for the phone for people who can’t get to a computer, I think a lot more people would come and stay if there was a phone app for them.

    • #139479

      // This would be the right topic for a Skyrie wishlist ;)
      But I think Skyrie already has some awesome things in mind and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with XD

    • #140794

      // Heya everyone, Captain Skyrie asked me to email him a list of features we’d like for him to consider adding for the site so let me know if there’s anything you want me to put on it ^-^7

    • #140795

      // hahaha he should have a roll of toilet paper’s worth of suggestions already. Gotta trust the guy. I’m sure he’ll make some awesome improvements ;)

    • #143852

      // I guess once I explore more I can suggest improvements but I’m sure they’ve been mentioned here already.