Bugs, creepycrawlies, and other yucky site problems that need fixing.

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      EDIT BY PJ: Use our support email to get responses faster.


      Ekk!! A SPIDER! SQUISH IT!


      Jk…But really, there is no place on this site to formally complain about things that are in need of repair. Bugs, issues, glitches, etc. Well~ Now there is… (Until it gets deleted of course by our dear admin.)


      Registering a complaint; How to

      Type of complaint (What’s going wrong):

      What is happening:

      Where you are finding this (Is there a certain place?):

      Any other suggestions (How can we better serve you?~):


    • Bell
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      Type of complaint (What’s going wrong): Issues with opening the chat box on Mozilla.

      What’s happening: The chat opens to reveal your friends online but once you click on the friend the chat window remains minimized.

      Where you are finding this (Is there a certain place?): Chat box.

      Any other suggestions (How can we better serve you?~): Find some way of making sure chat works on Mozilla firefox please?~

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      This is a good idea. Loaka normally just complains to the hat-wearing head honcho over Skype, but this works too.

      Complaint: Spambots, everywhere.

      What’s happening: They’re trying to sell me things, and/or give me viruses (virii? virodes?)

      Where are you finding this: Global feed reports their appearance, group creations and spam posts. Also sometimes get PMs.

      Any suggestions?: Kill ’em all. Or captcha for sign-up. Or a written competency test, which might filter out people who can’t spell either. That might be nice.

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      Funnily enough, I’ve already asked Cap’n about that, and he was resistant to change, stating that he wouldn’t be able to add much more requirements for sign-ups without driving away more users. However, it’s mostly dealt with at this point.

      I was never shown the administration tools that are at my disposal, but now we have IP and email bans set up that match patterns the spammers tend to have, as well as a few extra banned email domains, to prevent new spammers from registering at all.

      One IP has made 19 attempts to visit the site since they were banned, and we have around 300 email domains blocked at current.

    • Bell
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      Type of complaint: Htlm not really working

      What is happening: Html is appearing as just code instead of…well how it should be!

      Where you are finding this: Umm everywhere that can be posted or copied and pasted?

      Example: Edit:the image is appearing here but not in chat.
      And another lovely example that happened to another member: Takra Uchiha replied 35 minutes ago
      (wow last time I copy-paste stuff on Skyrie, that coded stuff is just Adrestea’s name)

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      Full HTML use is restricted to administrators.

      Additionally, if you’re going to copy and paste HTML content into the forum reply form, use the “text” editor, not the “visual” editor.

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      Type of complaint (What’s going wrong): Invisible Notifications


      What is happening: Some notifications are not appearing. (They can be marked as read, but you can’t actually read them.) Only notifications that are visible are PMs and Friend Requests.


      Where you are finding this (Is there a certain place?): My notifications page. (I’m using firefox.)


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      // Heya, I just wanted to add that for some people, the opposite is true. When I started out I was uncomfortable talking to people through publicly available posts and would much rather use the inbox.
      I think we should make a habit to list our preferred method of direct contact on our profiles (if we have a preference) so that people know how to send their first message to us. I’m now comfortable enough to be contacted either way just so long as you’re polite about it ^-^b
      Due to the current inbox bug though, you probably want to think twice about using it.