The Hot Springs (Males Area)

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      The male area of the hotsprings of the Purple Orchid Spa. Situated right next to the hot springs for the ladies. So it wasn’t unusual for the men to try to take a peak over the tall wall between them.*

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      *Xeryus Algol, was tired from the journey. He felt as if he had jet lag.* So odd! Being transported through different dimensions can be so exhausting. How do some manage to do it with such frequency? *He fully undressed until he was down to his birthday suit. He immersed himself in the healing hot springs and sat back to relax.* This reminds me. We have all these healing crystals. I should take them to their proper places for family use later. *he then looked at his chest and body.* I see, I got a few scratches during the battle. I guess I shouldn’t complain, it could have been much worse.