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En Yufuin (CeruleanBattleLoverSucreSpiritus)



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Name: En Yufuin
Nickname: Enny
Member of Earth Defense Club and The SugarSpirit branch and the Whispered Okabe Unit of the SugarDemon Family within the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: CeruleanBattleLoverSugarSpirit
Title: Flashing Prince, Battle Lover Cerulean

Birthday: July 2
Sign: Cancer
Eye color: cerulean blue
Hair color: dirty blonde
Blood type: B
From Kyushu, Japan

Husband: AkoyaKurama MikiharaTestarossaOkumuraSakata
In Laws: Ren and Leonardo TestarossaSakata

Basics: En is laid back. Master of being a sloth and does everything at his own pace.
Although he has these qualities, he can get the job done when put to the test. He can be very vigilant and sharp-minded, displaying leader-like qualities when his team members need it. He is rarely angry and is accepting of things.
Has the hots for AkoyaKurama, after much courting, they eventually get married.

Attribute: Blue / Water
Schools: Binan High School / True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flame
Loves: sleeping in, hot springs, manju and especially AkoyaKurama