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Akoya Kurama (YokoSugarSpiritFox) MikiharaTestarossaSakata de Yufuin

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Full Name: Akoya Shuichi Kurama MikiharaTestarossa OkumuraSakata de Yufuin
Aliases: AkoyaKurama, Yoko, The Pearl Chevalier; Making the Flowers Bloom! Perlite!
Member of the Sato Demone, Whispered Okabe and Sugar Spirit Branches of the SugarDemon family within the GrandSugarClan
ClanName/s: YokoSugarSpiritFox / YokoKuramaSucreSpiritus
Biological Parents: Leonardo Gintora ArgentoSugarDemon Testarossa and Ren OrchidSugarDemon Mikihara Testarossa
Fifth son of Leonardo Gintora and Ren. He was born after Komura.
brothers: Gentoka, Tomoe, Miketsukami, and Komura
adopted brother: Miyabi
adopted sisters: Kuzuha, Kikumi, Yuzu (Kiara), Kiyomi and Hundreko
Husband: En Yufuin

Loves: Family, beautiful things, plants, macaroons and aromatherapy
Appearance: long hair and delicate features which often make others confuse him for a girl.
hair color: long hair that changes to pink, pinkish silver, or red
eye color: vary from blue, green, amber and rarely silver
Schools: Binan High School / True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flame
Alliances: Earth Conquest Club, Earth Defense Club, Team Urameshi

Akoya Kurama was born with light pink hair and as a half human, half demon fox. He inherited the name Kurama from a relative on his mother, Ren’s side of family. Having the blood of his grandmother Helena, he exhibits tendencies to change his eye colors although to a limited degree. They change from blue, to amber to green depending on what form he’s in and along with this his angelic aura and presence are undeniable. Like his father Leonardo. He first engaged in villainous activities at Binan High. His goal was earth’s conquest and he allied with the Earth Conquest Club at his school.

His different forms:
Human/divine justice form: In this form he exhibits long pink hair and blue eyes.
Human/ half demon-fox form: in this state his hair is red and eyes green
Full Yoko Demon Form: When in danger he changes to full Yoko form with pinkish silver hair and amber eyes and demon fox ears. He takes on the traits of an S-Class Demon
Sometimes his three forms unite. But normally he can change his self at will.

In love with En Yufuin but too proud to admit it, eventually they get married.