Ballroom Dance to Welcome New World Citizens!

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      *Foxflame Ballroom is hosting an ongoing party for all new arrivals to the new world.* A warm welcome to all how are attending and welcome to the new world! Please come dance, listen to classy music, dress up for masquerades, meet new citizens, laugh and learn more about the ballroom from Princess Kandace! Enjoy!

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      *Takeda and his beautiful sisters Sanae, Yumiko and Tamaki head to Foxflame Ballroom to help with celebrating the arrival of new citizens to the new world.* Of course you should celebrate! *he bows* After all the struggle you went through just to get here! We are glad you made it safely and hope we see you around.
      These are my sisters! *he introduces them and then himself.* My name is Takeda! I help patrol the cities and keep the citizens as safe as we possibly can.

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      *appears wear a red and green Christmas dress and bows* Greetings family and friends and welcome to foxflame ballroom and happy holidays i hope you will attend the event.

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      Hey Kandace! Nice dress! You still holding parties for those entering the new world? Oh wow so everyone’s here! I better join in before all the food is gone. *chuckles*