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Komura Samael MikiharaTestarossaSakata (GreySugarDemonFox)

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Full name: Komura Samael Yuuichi Mikihara Testarossa OkumuraSakata

Member of the Sato Demone Branch and Whispered Okabe SubBranch of the SugarDemon family of the GrandSugarClan.
ClanName: GreySugarDemonFox

Third of the sugardemonfoxtriplets. Fourth son of Leonardo Gintora and Ren. He was born after Miketsukami.

Parents: Leo and Ren
Grandparents: Gintoki Lucifer and Helena
Brothers: Gentoka, Miketsukami, Komura, and AkoyaKurama and Miyabe
Sisters: Kuzuha, Kikumi, Yuzu, Kiyomi and Hundreko

Race/Breed: Nine-tailed fox (kitsune) / human/ hybrid
Height: 175cm (5’9″) / Blood Type O

Basics: He is very quiet and can seem emotionless. He spaces out a lot and has the ability to sleep anywhere at anytime. He loves to read and keep the libraries he works at in perfect order.

Occupation: Mistress Leilani’s Familiar / Odd Jobs Part-Timer/ True Cross Academy of the Blue Flame’s Assistant Librarian

Abilities: Spirit Fox Fire (He can shoot hundreds of them at once) / Illusions