Old District Castle

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      *Lord Mikk gets himself a second apartment at the dark district, especially in those moments when he’s conflicted with himself.* I know I can’t remember too much about my past but I’m pretty sure it was nothing good. *he sighs* But every time I see lady Helena, I forget myself. Her aura is so…angelic? god-like? It’s warm and sweet, unlike any aura I’ve even encountered, I can’t help but offer her my help. *he sits pack and pushes the bangs away from his face.* But then I’m lured to these strange dark places. Does it have something to do with who I was or who I am?

    • Melone
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      *It didn’t take Melone long to find his way to Azukre Sarastus District and find the apartment he had booked was ready for him. He set up his computer right away and set up a meeting with his employers.* Finally! I’ll get to meet them face to face. Although, we don’t really need to! I mean, I do everything on my computer anyway! *he laughs and jumps into his bed.* Ah! Home shitty home! *He looks outside.* What a contrast! The outside is so deplorable but in this castle turned apartment complex, it’s so luxurious! I hit the jackpot!

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      *Chrollo studies the beautiful faces and personalities of the ladies he had picked up. Even with the stoic look on one of the ladies faces he could tell she was brimming with revenge in her mind while the other woman seemed to be protective of her companion and not at all social. Lilith would notice when Chrollo’s eyes were on them and not on the road, he would smirk and turn his eyes towards the road ahead. Normally, Chrollo was the leader of his own group but things had turned out interestingly different in this new world. He had become associated with the Bitter Gang in order to gain control of some areas of Azukre Sarastus District. His nen had not been returned to him but Boss Hammy had promised that she would be able to restore it for him, if he just did some work for her for a while. He still had freedom to pursue his own interests. He figured that as long as he was working by this strange woman’s side, he would be able to see for himself if she would be able to live up to that promise. He knew Hisoka joined his side only because he looked forward to having Chrollo regain his nen so that he could fulfill his own ambition of fighting Chrollo at full strength and Illumi had joined them out of habit. As he drove Lilith and LuzHela to their meeting place with his current boss, he would hit a few curves in the road and eventually the building that looked like an abandonded castle came into view. He stopped in front of the building. The place looked eerie and suspicious, especially now at nightfall. He opened the door for them.* This is as far as I may take you. Just step inside, they will be waiting. *he watched them as they stepped in. Lilith looking at him suspiciouly and LuzHela not even acknowledging him. *He calls inside to let them know they had arrived. He winks at Lilith and gets in the car again only to drive away.*

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      *Hours before the Night of the Witches, LuzHela and Lilith arrived with their driver Chrollo to a designated meeting area within Azukre Sarastus District. They got out of the car and looked towards the strange looking building. As they approached the doors, two gentlemen opened it for them and would bow. They escorted LuzHela and Lilith to a room where a priest and a wobbly large woman sat in a room drinking wine. The door closed behind them and the priest stood when the guests arrived while the large woman turned to look at her guests from top to bottom and she smirked. She swirled her wine and then nodded to the priest. The priest asked the ladies to have a seat. LuzHela didn’t hesitate making herself comfortable and looking at the unappealing woman. Hela leans forward and addresses the woman that was swirling her wine.*

      So it’s you that has taken hold of this district in such a short time. I must say, I am rather impressed. Leader of the Bitter Gang and *She looks over to the priest.* I’m afraid we haven’t met….

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      *He had received the call from Chrollo informing him that the guests had arrived. He sent the two butlers to open the door and bring the ladies to the meeting room. As they entered Enrico was impressed by the aura of the women that walked into the room. His aura remained hidden and he made sure to stay cautious during the meeting. He wanted to make sure that no harm came to his current sponsor. He also noted immediately how stunningly beautiful both women are. A dangerous combination of the demonic and the delightful in one eyeful. He noted how quickly LuzHela began the conversation eager to cut to the chase. When she addressed him he would close his eyes and bow slightly.* I am Father Pucci, at your service. And this lady *He would stand behind Hammy’s seat to show whom he referred to..* is the leader of the Bitter Gang, Lady Einy Hamuko Asha. She is prepared to partake in negotiations with you.

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      *There was a crazy look in her eyes as she watched everyone speak. Then she would put down her glass of wine and wave a hand dismissively at Father Pucci.*

      Don’t worry about formality, just call me Hammy. *She stood up and poured wine for LuzHela and Lilith.* I have heard that you had outstanding reputations as mercenaries and when I heard you sought for a way to get past the barrier in NetherHell, you peaked my interest. I might have what you are looking for so that you may fulfill that task.

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      *She could practically hear Lilith cursing the priest and wondering what he was doing there. LuzHela held up a hand to keep her from speaking. She would look at Father Pucci and nod but she cared more about what she came for. After sizing up her guests, she leans back with very little expression on her face. She takes the wine and swirls it, she never actually drinks it but simply holds the glass in her hand and takes a whiff, then puts it down again as she pretends to be too distracted by the conversation to have a drink.* I am Hela and this is my sister Lilith. Before we begin our negotiations, I do have to ask. What makes you think you can break through such a barrier? Is there something special about you?

    • Einy Hamuko Asha
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      An excellent question. *Her big lips curve upwards in a smile and she laughs* A client should know what they are buying before making a purchase. You see, I was created by a dark elder god therefore, I have some knowledge of, how shall we say, *She taps her chin.* The loopholes through certain dark realms.

    • Lilith Ravendawn
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      *With a watchful eye, Lilith follows her sister until they arrive at the room where they would meet their negotiators. She first rolls her eyes upon seeing the priest* Tch! The nerve… *then she raises her eyebrow upon seeing what she believed is a woman. She says nothing, her sister had already introduced her so she takes a seat next to her and shows no interest in drinking the wine. She slightly minimize her aura, pretending to have let her guard down and simply observes and listens to their interactions*

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      *Hela raises an eyebrow* A dark elder god? *LuzHela thought back to a time in the old world dealing with a creature similar to this one, she realized she was dealing with a dangerous alien parasite. She glaces at her sis Lilith and then turns her attention back to Hammy.* You hold up well for your kind. So, what is it that you are able to give me to cross into Gehenna?

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      *Impressed that Hela could tell what she was, she laughed even more.* You’re a sharp one. Seems you’ve been around, this isn’t your first rodeo. I’ll cut to the chase then. In exchange for my knowledge and your passage into Gehenna, I wish to retrieve two strong demons that have been trapped there. *She looks to the priest to continue explaining what she was saying while she takes a sip of her wine.*