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Aleister Crowley ☥Ankh-f-n-khonsu GalactoseBestiarusz☥



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Full Name: Edward Alexander Crowley
Later changed name to Aleister Crowley
Magic Name: Beast666 / The Great SugarBeast

Birthday: October 12, 1875
Height: 175 cm
Ability: Archetype Control
Weapon: Blast Rod
Position: General Superintendent of Academy City
Alliance: Member of the SugarBeast Branch of the GrandSugarClan
Greatest Magician in Modern History
Wrote several top-class spell books like The Book of the Law.
Faked his death in 1947 and moved to the new world where he founded Academy City with several other powerful individuals he met with.

“To this day, only a few magicians know Aleister is still alive who are mostly the leaders of powerful magical organizations and their trusted followers and those that do know him view him with skepticism, curiosity on what he’s doing or outraged for abandoning magic and supporting science especially esper studies. Not making things any better is the fact Aleister was responsible for the creation of the truce between Science and Magic where neither side is allowed to interfere in each other affairs which has irked both sides. As the 13th Board of Director and General Director of Academy City, Aleister has the final say of the city affairs but usually leaves the city’s welfare to the other members of the board. He resides within a tall, gray building called The Windowless building, known for not having any exterior windows where access to the building is a secret to a few. In there, Aleister’s body which has now become younger lies inside a giant glass tube, supported by machines made by Heaven Canceler that extended his lifespan where he plots his mysterious plans.”

(Source: Wikipedia)