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  • *Leo was in the academy working in the law library when he saw Saya’s emergency broadcast on his phone. His first priority was to secure the students at the academy that were there for the summer and then find out if his family was safe.*

  • *Leo organized the documentation of the Academy’s course of Advance Legal Studies students and the projects and paperwork they would be working on. Leo’s experience was more in the area of business law but he knew what basic materials would be needed by the staff and students. Especially since they found, during their voyages, that many of the laws were similar from place to place. This part of the multiverse was developing it’s laws and looking at laws from other placed they had visited would help in applying or even developing new laws for this home of theirs.* There’s plenty of excellent books, documents and other materials here. I have to see if there are more I can obtain to give them the best and most well rounded education on the subjects here.

  • *Leo laughs at his father’s remarks* I think it’s too late Gin dad, Night has worked his charms on Haru already.

  • *Comes in and sits near his parents and begins to eat the delicious food while listening to the conversations around the table.*

  • *catches the keys* Sounds good! Arigato brother! *heads out the door*

  • *Leo notices the food and sees that Yukiko sis is coordinating efforts to make a welcome home meal for their parents.* Sis! This is excellent! *He had just gotten back the city.* I might have to drive out and pick them up later. Looks like they haven’t arrived yet. *He smiles* Everything looks delicious! Hey Rintoki brother! *he yells out towards the kitchen.* Keep the food coming towards the table and keep it warm. *he smiles* I’m off to pick them up in a few.

  • *Getting a little practice in before sunrise.*

  • *he brought in a box with several of the requested items.*

  • *Plays classical music on the piano for those visiting the third floor of the restaurant where patrons come formally dressed.*

  • // If you need to let off some failbook steam. This would be the spot.


  • Arigato auntie Noloty and Helena mom! Such beautiful arrangement of Yuletide treats! Who can resist? *smiles and has some*

  • *He smiles and puts his arms around his wife.* Domo arigato my beloved Ren! Happy Birthday to all my family members and friends born in the same month as me 😉 Arigato for the birthday wishes!

  • *It was a strange combination. A lab to research medical inquiries and an area in the back to develop weapons to keep the clan safe and  well armed. Leo had picked up his long silver hair in a pony tail. He wore goggles and a lab coat over his usual business attire. There he worked hard on the weapons necessary for the family to get through their next missions. Earlier he had been finishing strong antibiotics for the TB strain that was killing some humans and as soon as he finished he was back in the weapons lab.* I know they want to go in on foot so let’s make sure the swords can cut through tough demonic flesh and those strange trees in the demonic Gehenna region. *He sighs* I need more holy water for the bullets. I’ll have to go to the cathedral. I thought I had all the supplies. Well, in my rush I suppose I forgot that. *he removed his goggles and lab coat and headed to the air compression area. Afterwards, he headed back to the empire.*

Viewing 16 - 30 of 86 posts