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Nox : NyctomaniacGalactoseBestiariasz



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FullName: Nocturnus Ryomou-OkumuraSakata
nickname: Nox
Birthdate: Dec. 22
members of GrandSugarClan: part of both SatoDemone & SugarBeast Branches
Clan names: Kurai Raien SugarBeast / NighttimeFlameTwinSugarBeast /

Mother: Shimei Ryomou (deceased)
Father: NightSyn OkumuraSakata
StepMother: Harumiya Xenovia Aoiyoru
TwinBrother: Summäneus
Half-brothers: NoshtStaz, NaktisWolf, and NachtLicht
Grandparents: Helena & Gintoki Lucifer (SugarDemon)
Race: Human/Demon/Seraph/Hybrid

Basics: 1st of the twins between Nox and Summa. Nox’s personality: Defiant, quiet and protective of his twin brother.
Nox wears his hair sometimes short and sometimes a bit longer. Normally his hair looks dark black but in the sunlight or upon closer inspection, his hair reveals red highlights. His eyes are normally red and on rare occasion it takes on a different hue. Inherited mainly his father and grandfather’s more demonic essence.

Occupation: student at True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flame,
Part-time workers at oddjobs within their clan’s businesses.