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  • *Ciel had heard of the new library cafe on the campus that opened and he had went to have some coffee with his sister and brother and after they rested upstairs to read* My this is really good and its beautiful in here. @hottotouchsugarfang @shadowflamesoul

  • Joyous wishes to you on your birthday mommy Helena love you very much *He smiled as he hugs her*

  • *Kuciel had come to return home with his sister as he had joined her, Celine, Casius, Eve and Luciela on a trip to their hometown but only to find it was long destroyed and nothing remained of the orphanage or the village they lived in when they were children before finding out the truth about their true family Helena and Gintoki. He went over and hugs them both* Welcome home to you mommy, daddy we are glad to see you we have missed you!

  • *He had ran all the way to the hospital using his chevalier mode in demonio form as he heard the call from his sister telling him that his wife had their son. As soon as he got there he made his form revert and he walked inside to see her holding their newborn son and he smiled going inside hugging Yukii before he did( “Arigato, he is perfect. Thank you sis, and you as well my dear.”

  • “I am not a wandering husband, I have more control that than come on Akina” *He sighed but then took her in his arms and kissed her gently then put her down going back to their room but before he left he bowed to his family members*

  • *Kuciel had walked inside the bakery and smelled the aroma of sweets and knew it was a big celebration so he walked over to the table and set down gifts for his father and even one for his mother too* Happy father’s day to you my crazy amazing dad Gintoki!  And to you all others of course same to you!

  • RUA! that was my cancdy-cane! *he said as he entered the house shortly after she did with another one and his own spicy hot chocolate. Kuciel had smiled as he saw his family all together and happy as he noticed the new baby and congratulated his uncle and aunt-in-law Myuu.* “Dezember has been born and he’s super cute! Congrats uncle Rintoki and auntie Myuu he is adorable indeed. Happy holiday/birthdays to you all.”

  • Morichika-san welcome to Skyrie my friend, I’ll show you around. Let’s meet up in the bakery first though you must be hungry, my treat. *Kuro-ciel smiled and looked over at him*

Viewing 1 - 8 of 8 posts