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Kuro-Ciel Devolian Okumura Sakata{DiabolicChevalierSugarfang}

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Name: Ciel Devolian Okumura Sakata

Family: Adopted son to Gintoki-Lucifer and Helena Yuriko of the SugarDemon clan.

Clan: Member of the SugarFang branch of the GrandSugarClan

Clan Name: DiabolicChevalierSugarFang

Married to: Akina Shiranui-Okumura{TealRoseSugarFang}

Children: Yuko and Daisuke Okumura

Quadruplet/Siblings of blood: Luciela, Casius, Celeste and Celine

Personality: Kuro-ciel has a strong sense of duty and protectiveness over his family and loved ones. His love from his adoptive mother and father saved his soul and his mother taught him the true meaning of love and family. Through his newfound emotions of his new sisters and brothers along with brother in laws, sister in laws nieces and nephews as well as the beloved elders of the family he will always cherish he was able to change and be more loving towards others as well as learn to be considerate over various emotions as he has had his ups and downs but through his family’s support and the support of his true love Akina he feels he can get through anything.