Rockin Cupid Float (Valentine’s Celebration Special/ Annual)

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      From the start of February to Valentine’s Day, WildSide Diner will be offering complimentary Rockin Cupid Floats with your burger and fries or hotdog and fries. The float is made of Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberry Ice cream and we’ll even add some whipped cream on top. This beverage is good fun and delicious for both adults and children. 


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      *Rei stops in and orders a Rockin Cupid Float. He was lucky enough to be able to get his before the first of February. He had been dying to have one. He took it and drank it outside on the rooftop of the diner. While watching others going in and out of the place.* Lots of cool old school cars! *He was eyeing some hot rods. Then takes off his hat and stands up.* Guess I’ll stop at a few places before heading off to do Thoth sama’s bidding. *he laughs* Damn that bastard is a slave driver. *looks around* I hope he didn’t hear me.

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      *He looks at her and smiles. His ears perking up.* Hai! Nyan! They are already selling them! Seems they were in high demand so we can get them before Valentines. *he makes sure to get one with two straws for them and then they go sit at one of the tables together and drink it.*

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      *Although Valentine’s Day meant noting to Sesshomaru. He was lured to certain aspects of that event. He would often get sent chocolates by admirers which he had no problem with and there were other delightful sweets associated with the event that would catch his attention. One of these was the Rockin’ Cupid Float. He would walk into the dinner and look over to the waiter/waitress.* I shall have one!

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      *Tama noticed Lord Sesshomaru walk into the shop and order his Rockin Cupid Float. Tama made sure she had the waiters and waitresses continue to tend to other customers. She knew how much of a perfectionist Lord Sesshomaru, her uncle-in-law was, so she personally tended to him by making the Rockin Cupid Float for him and then going over and handing it to him herself. * No charge Lord Sesshomaru! *She would bow as she handed it to him.* Enjoy!

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      *Leuko was at the diner giving demonstrations on one way to make the Rockin Cupid Float as he sold them to customers that came in either by themselves, as a family or as couples.* Enjoy minna! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day celebrations!

    • Jean Grey
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      *Jean arrives at the diner during her lunch break and while she enjoys her lunch, she orders a Rockin Cupid Float and tries it* Yummy! This is really good! *She leans back and relaxes as she enjoys her float*