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Yamazaki (AnpanObsessedSugarSoul) Sagaru HayashiSakata



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Full Name: Yamazaki Sagaru HayashiSakata
Nickname/s: Zaki, Mountain Zaki, Anpanman, Jimmy, Mobcop
Tribe Member of the SugarSoul Branch and the Demantoid AndroidAngel Blood Unit of the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: AnpanObsessedSugarSoul
BirthDate: Feb 6. (Aquarius)
Haircolor: Black, Blonde, Green
Race: Human / Cyborg
Adopted son of Leukocyte King and Tama Esmeralda
Grandparents: Inuyassha, Kasumi and Professor Hayashi
Sisters: Yumiko, Vali, Sanae, Tamaki and Minami
Brother: Takeda

Occupation: Shinsengumi Spy
Strong Points: Nondescript / Anpan Obsession
Loves: Playing Badminton

++ Admin: Don’t send me chats or messages. Not looking for a relationship or mate. Thank you! ++