Fall of the House of Sugar…

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      *Aion was picking up bags so he could take them into the fall out shelter. He was so anxious. Everything was moving so fast. He wasn’t sure he was supposed to be among those that should be in the shelter but when everyone was rushing. He felt time to think was now past and he was already running down the stairs following his little sister’s voice.* I’m coming!!!

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      *He points his thumb at himself and smiles at them.* You all make sure to get everyone to that shelter. I’ll hold them off for as long as I can! *Ricky Rom was about to head outside and keep anyone coming close to the mansion distracted. They still wouldn’t be able to get in or anywhere near the place with the strong barrier placed around it but he was ready to keep them at the gate if push came to shove.*

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      *Ginji felt uneasy about entering the Fall Out Shelter, he sensed a familiar aura. It was Ranmaru’s aura @ranmaru .  He was worried. Seeing that Ricky Rom had remained outside. He quickly explained what he was sensing as others listened in.* Rom, I want you to join us but if you’re out here for a while, please, my brother seems to be coming, by my brother, I mean a red haired little demon dog. Please, his name is Ranmaru. I don’t know if he’ll find this place but if he does send him in here with us. *He closed his eyes and sent Ranmaru a thread to let him know where he was.*

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      *Looks at Rom.* Don’t you dare stay out there just to distract them. You will come with us. *he then looks at Ginji and hugs him.* Listen little brother, you need to get into the fallout shelter. I’ll stay here and wait for Ranmaru’s arrival.

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      *He gives Ginji a push.* You’re the one they are after. Get to safety. Zerzes and I will wait. I’m also hoping that brother Wolf shows up soon. There was a search for him but we still don’t know if he is alright. @whitewolfblood . He then stands next to Zerzes as they prepare themselves to defend their home if there isn’t time for a full getaway.*

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      *N-Lux felt a shove from his brother, subtly letting him know to take Ginji and Ash @kuro-sloth with him into the fall out shelter. He looked at his older brother with worry but he followed through on this request as they ran further down grabbing any bags they could and entering their temporary place of refuge.*

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      *His eyes turned to see those that were remaining to wait for others. Ash looked sleepy but although small and innocent, he had a feeling something was wrong as he took his brother N-Lux hand and let himself be led to the shelter.*

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      Riku-zo: I wish we didn’t have to leave. *He packed food from the kitchen, even though there was plenty in storage at the shelter.*

      Kai-zo: From what our parents told us. They don’t want the ogres or even Lord Satan to get a hold of us. It seems, we are no match for him yet. *he looks sad as he searches for more things to take.* But they know best, so let’s just do this and hope that things don’t get any worse.

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      *Finds his brothers in the kitchen.* What are you two doing? Hurry it up! There’s food in the fall out shelter. *he didn’t want to leave either but they had been drilled to understand what they needed to do if this day should arrive. He claps his hands and hurries them along.*

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      *He went and stood guard at the gates of the mansion when he felt Izumi take his hand and look at him.* Don’t worry! I will follow you, wherever you go! But first, I must help protect your safe passage. @alchemistvampyhybrid

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      *Nox and Summa had been guarding both the Empire and the Sugar Mansion along with Kinzou and Keiichi so they were surprised when Tanya came and told them to enter the shelter. They would have to keep watch over the who enters and leaves the shelter. They sighed and quietly followed Tanya’s orders.*

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      Kota: *his brothers had already entered the shelter. Kota was in the Sugar Mansion making a call to the infirmary. He wanted his auntie Yukiko know who had arrived and who had entered the Fall Out Shelter. It was difficult to get through but he continued to try his call and wait for a response. When he finally got her voice mail he gave her an update.* @savvydemonflameyukii

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      *Izumi felt a strong sadness as he left the mansion and Albertus behind. The mansion represented his home and family and it tugged at his heart that there was a possibility, they might not be able to return to their home.*

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      *Sensing Izumi’s sadness, he put his arm around him.* Cousin, remember, this is just a precaution. Let’s send good vibes to our clan and family members out there fighting to make things work.

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      *Leaving the Sugar Mansion and heading into the shelter was a sad moment for the young ones. They were worried about their parents and the rest of their clan. They were making sure to stay safe but their hearts were sad as they left it all behind.*

      Kinzou: Hurry it up! We need to help keep track of who enters and leaves and be ready for the moment the doors close.

      Keiichi: But …..*he just couldn’t finish his sentence and followed his twin brother.*