2017 Winter Solstice (Xmas / December Bdays Festivities)

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      *Helena gasped as she caught her breathe. The surprise of Leviachan’s transport startled her a bit but as she looked around, she became aware of the intensity of the situation.  Helena emitted a white glow around her body in order to release it into the room and calm all those around here. She turned to her son Leo, forgive me sweetheart, but please remember it’s still Christmas. Hold your anger. *she looked at him tenderly.* Contain it, there’s a reason they are here. I’ll explain it later but right now, hold in your anger.

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      *Because of his mother’s seraphic glow, Leo was no longer able to focus on Queen Hild. He could only see his mother’s tender face.* But mother! Why? Why are you allowing this? *He respected his mother too much to go against her wishes and there was no way of fighting the warmth she emitted. He began to feel somewhat calm again. He would wait and see his mother’s intentions as he hugged his son Gentoka.* Son, your grandmother doesn’t want me to react now. It is Christmas, your instincts are right but your grandmother wants us to maintain peace for now.

      *he looked at his mother Helena, his eyes had turned silver once more, he wanted to understand what she was doing but he would not question it. He would wait for her explanation.*

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      *Fortunately, some family had already gone out to the bar, nightclub and orphanages. So Helena was able to maintain her seraphic glow at a minimum level. This way she would not exhaust herself. But it was warm enough to maintain the holiday spirit relaxed and enjoyable. * Leo son, I promise, I’ll explain later. *She smiles and feels Devil Jin walking up to her in awe.*

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      Queen Hild: *This time, she dropped her cup of hot cocoa completely. As her eyes was set in the tall male that pointed at her, she felt a sting in her heart. She lean forward to grasp for air, memories of her daughter and this male were overflowing through her mind and she learned who he was* He…he’s the fa…father! *She was beginning to suffocate and was about to pass out but to her surprise, Rika held her up* Where the hell have you been! I need to get out of here! I can’t bear the pain!

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      Ooooh shit! *He had reacted when Leo ousted him and then Queen Hild. He felt like he was going to be devoured by lions. Then came the amazing seraphic light that he had never been able to witness so closely. It was because he was in a human body that allowed him to witness something so heavenly and he was drawn to Helena like the moth to the flame. He shakes his head and bows to her.* My apologies Lady Helena, but it’s time for me to leave. Thank you for allowing me into your home to feel the warmth of this holiday and the meaning of family.  *Since he had been in demon all his life, it was something he had never experienced. There was definitely a strange feeling of guilt at having hurt the family but he still felt his loyalty to Lord Satan was of utmost importance if he wanted to move up in status within the Inferno. He then turned and left the mansion with thoughts of the family and what exactly his relationship was to them weighing heavily on his mind.*

    • Rika Minami
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      What the heck?!? *She bursted out loud when she found herself inside the main room in matter of seconds. She notices that everyone was looking towards her direction and immediately knew that Queen Hild’s identity has been discovered. She turns and sees Hild is about to pass out and holds on to her* No time to pass out, your highness! They can’t hurt you and hopefully this will be taken care of sooner than later.

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      *As if reading Rika’s mind, Helena asked her son Leo and her grandson Gentoka to head down to the family library.  As soon as things calmed she turned to Devil Jin.* Kazama, in time, I hope you’ll open your heart to us. *she watched him bow and head out the door and watched her son Leo and Gentoka head downstairs. She then turned to family and began to sing to soothe their souls and keep them from thinking about what had happened. They would eventually ask but for now she wanted to keep them calm.*

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      *Christmas was now technically over. Sesshomaru was sitting by the window near the Christmas tree when the glow appeared in the room. He was definitely distracted by Helena’s heavenly light but he had not forgotten what Leo said. His mind analyzed the events that took place. If it was Devil Jin in a human body, he understood why Helena had allowed him in the mansion and he was slowly putting together the reason Rika was over protecting Noloty and why Noloty had been acting strangely, although he didn’t know the reason why. Since Helena did not want anyone to react to the fact that Queen Hild and Devil Jin were in the mansion. Sesshomaru sat back and enjoyed the blessed voice of Helena singing. He knew that sooner  or later all would be revealed but he was prepared to strike if anything at all went wrong.*