Non-Family members in the Garden/Mini Intro

  • Non-Family members in the Garden/Mini Intro

  • // This area will be for those who are simply friends or future family members that the family is still not aware of. Please leave a mini bio. We are extremely curious and would like to know who you are. Especially if you’re involved with our groups. Arigato! //

  • ** minna here is Kaga’s info as she had mentioned it in S-Clan** For those who missed it..
    Kuzuha Lilith Mikihara Testarossa(VanillaSugarfangFox) posted an update in the group Group logo of S-Clan Special Operations Squad IIS-Clan Special Operations Squad II

    1 week, 4 days ago
    “I have to give you all a heads up, I have another character that acted as a cloned twin of Kuzuha that took place in Facebook i have had it brought here, It is named Kaga Ishikawa. Just letting everyone know that is my alt being rp by a trusted friend whom you all may remember as Silver Mist back on facebook. I met her in real life so i hope you all get along with her, arigato.”

  • Akari Raen KokonoeMikiharaTestarossaSakata

    May 25, 2018 at 1:11 am

    //woah new forum nice addition.//

    Everyone here is a little information about me. I  was Luna Kiyomitsu when I first joined skyrie and after a short time I changed my rp to Sakura Konoha but it did not work out as I was/am not used to role playing a child but just recently I respectfully asked Kuzuha if there was a way to be fit into a role play with her and Kaga and she allowed me to role play a black fox named Akagi from the anime Azur Lane where Kaga is from.  I have been here for a long time but I am sorry I did not really rp much with you all but that will change. I look forward to role playing with you all,


  • Oh my, thank you for adding this topic father I am sure it will be very helpful. *Hugs him but then looks over at Kaga* Thank you for the changes you have made in my absence I approve of them and also the opening of the group to public I have planned to do so. *She then turned to Akari and smiled* I knew this may happen one day, I gave you that pic when you were Luna as the one you were using looked similar to that one, I am glad to see you join in the role play and welcome to you both.

  • oh wow this is an interesting place, i love the atmosphere here. Ah gomen, i have not introduced myself. *He gave a bow after he had entered the place looking over to them* I am Miyabi, it is very nice to meet you all finally. I have heard so much about you from Kuzuha-chan.*



  • Apple Marigold [Vox#DominoBug]

    October 12, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    *While on her little forest adventure, Apple, a teenage ladybug girl, finds herself outside the FoxFlame Garden Shrine. She notices the kitsune around the area and decides to cautiously knock at the entrance gate.*

    Hello? My name’s Apple and I’m just exploring the lands of Skyrie. Can I maybe look around here?

  • DolimiccanDragon

    December 2, 2018 at 5:08 am

    In the sky, the outline of a dragon can be seen descending towards the shrine. It grows closer and clos- oh, wait, she’s already landed. She’s much smaller than most dragons, it seems. She enters, waving. “Hello! My name’s Alyssa, I’m an explorer, just here to look around.”

  • *A part-human / part-kitsune turned as he heard two voices. He was tall with white, almost silver long hair. He had blue demon markings on his face but he had a kind look. He was in human form but his fox ears were still visible. He wore a long gray yukata but instead of the traditional footwear he had black boots on. A mix of traditional and modern.  He noticed the two figures that entered  seemed gentle and curious. He studied their auras which allowed him to see their shapes. He had been enjoying the smell of the roses in the garden but then stood and turned and waved in their direction in order to greet them.*

    Welcome miss Apple! *he would notice that she had wings which were not the shape of a birds. They also had a different sound to them.* Gomen, *he would bow.* I am blind but I’m guessing you are  some sort of bug species?

    *Then turning his attention to Alyssa. A gentle smile on his face as he realized the shape of the wings and the body were easy to distinguish.* Your aura does tell me you are some kind of dragon. Am I correct? Welcome to our garden. Please, feel free to explore and be gentle.  Perhaps Kandace or Kuzuha will come by and offer you a tour. How would you like that?

  • Apple Marigold [Vox#DominoBug]

    December 2, 2018 at 7:48 am

    Oh wowie, yes I am a bug! Well more specifically a Swarmling, we’re more like humans with bug features. I’m a ladybug type! *She smiles cutely and her spirits lift up a little.* It’s amazing how you could tell without seeing me! Oh oh Princess Kandace, I know her, is she here?

    *She notices Alyssa and turns to talk to her.* Woooaaa a dragon! I’ve never seen a real life dragon before! I only saw them in picture books! *She seems genuinely amazed.* I’m Apple, nice to meet you. Hope we can be friends ^^

  • DolimiccanDragon

    December 2, 2018 at 8:38 pm

    The young explorer turns to look at the hybrid, smiling. “Sure, I’d love a tour! And don’t worry, I promise to be gentle. I hate the whole stereotype of dragons being dangerous, destructive creatures.” She then turns to the Swarmling. “Heh… To be honest, I’ve never seen a regular dragon myself, either. Just the other members of my species. And yeah, I’m always happy to meet new friends!”

  • *His ears had moved forward as he listened to them attentively. Their response was favorable and it seemed to him that Alyssa and Apple were quickly becoming friends.*

    A lady bug? That’s wonderful. I remember what a lady bug looks like. They are rather pretty. So you are a human/ladybug hybrid. I’ve never encountered one a such as yourself. It’s a pleasure.

    *Then responds to Alyssa* And adventurous and friendly dragon. *he smiles* I would not give in to any stereotypes, as my family is filled with so many distinct mixes that it would be hypocritical of me to judge anyone on that basis.

    *He looks around as if trying to sense if his sister Kuzuha or his cousin Kandace are around.* I will try to locate them so that they may give you a tour. There is also an island of dragons which was meant for one of my aunts but she never came. I’ll see if I can get the specifics and I’ll get them for you, should we meet again Alyssa.

    I hope you both Apple and Alyssa become good friends.

    *He stands and makes his way to the shrine to see who might be around. He already had been through this path many times before so he could find it with ease.*


  • *She smiled as the afternoon breeze blew through her long silver hair and her red eyes gazed around from the shrine and all seemed content but the kitsune guardian noticed something, it was the aura of two new arrivals to her shrine and also the aura of her brother so she went to met with him and introduce herself to them. She was dressed in a white kimono that resembled that of a ninja’s garb but it was traditional along with a red ribbon she had tied in her hair as she had chosen to place it up for a change to keep it out of her face. Getting to them she smiled* “Hello brother, thank you for meeting them here but I will show them around. You have some fun with the family and I will join you shortly after this okay. *She turned her attention back to the two ladies* “Hello to you both my name is Kuzuha and welcome to my garden shrine. You do not need to be alarmed you will be safe here among my family and friends. If you will follow me I will show you around and feel free to be yourselves here. As my brother has mentioned we have many races in our family bloodlines so we do not judge anyone on what race/species they may be. You wish to remain in a human form if you have one you are welcomed to do so but just letting you know. *She turned and began to show them around*

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