Summary of Investigation Findings

  • **Investigation summary reports to keep for our records. **

  • The Borderland Files:


    Key Notes:


    *The clan fought their way through the borderlands to escape the old world dictatorship of Facebook and come to Skyrie.


    *After finding hostile forces and noticing others trying to escape their old worlds, a temporary safe house was created with a strong barrier to keep refugees safe.


    *We had to start chronicling the different malevolent creatures appearing in the borderlands, looking for their source area and attempting to destry as many as possible.


    * We also started chronicling strange appearances and phenomenon in the area due to the high frequency, it might have to do something with Helena’s teleportation / dimension manipulation abilities but some are not related, so it’s still under investigation.


    * We followed up on refugees who were being kidnapped from the cities and taken to Slave Market/s in order to exploit them. We are currently conducting search and rescue missions.


    *Currently attempting to diminish the peskiest of creatures trying to harm refugees in the borderlands. The spider-like giants that breed the fastests. We are researching and conducting experiments to diminish their numbers.


    *Due to the strength with which we tried to eradicate these beings, they seem to be evolving, protecting their breeding territories and trying to enter the gravelands. We’ve gone to that area to eliminate the threat.


    *Borderland issues are ongoing..will update as needed.

  • Boris Airay *SatouUltharianCheshireCat*

    May 8, 2019 at 3:43 pm

    *Boris reported that there were strange exchanges taking place at Lady of Sorrow Orphanage. He barely made it out of the orphanage with his life. He explained that the orphanage was luring in a strange clientele of underground and shady types that were buying human slaves or as he found, orphans that were kidnapped or farmed on their grounds to be bought a high prices and used as the clientele saw fit. He would sigh as he would explain that some of these orphans were sold as food to cannibalistic humans and creatures with enough money to foot the bill.*

    The place is a horror house! Something must be done!

  • Sougo Kyouya SadisticSugarDemon Okita

    August 13, 2019 at 6:21 am

    **Prelude to an Apocalypse**

    *Sougo returned to the 13th Bureau with some information about the current situation in Skyrie-verse. All places were being affected. None were completely safe from Helena’s surging pulses of power.
    There was intel that the elders headed towards Helena in an effort to help keep her from fully transforming into the apocalyptic seraph that everyone feared.

    There was also news that the ogres had began to make their move while the earthquake and change in the atmosphere was taking place.

    The ogres were being met by resistance by members of the clan. The clan was cautioned to note that the ogres were not a weak force but one that could take on several of them at once.

    They believed there was communication from Ginko that mentioned some event taking place in Gehenna as all this was happening and that Captain Shuhei, Chief Rika and some of their crew headed out to investigate if that event had anything to do with their current situation.

    Naktis Wolf , son of Night and Haru, had been reported missing but someone wrote in that Ugovinn had taken Naktis from one of the cities during a brawl. A few members had been sent out to find him.

    There were still updates pouring in of inhabitants of the Skyrie-verse being rescued and taken to the infirmary which needed to be protected at all cost.

    The clan’s main priority was to use their abilities, powers, talents, and anything at their disposal to rescue, protect and erect barriers wherever possible to keep the citizens of their homeland from getting hurt or perishing during this incident.

    There was no guarantee of survival for them or for the inhabitants but they would do their best regardless. And they hoped that Gin could reach Helena in time or they would all perish from the planet.

  • Isao “Gori” Kondo (GorillaSugarDemon)

    September 10, 2019 at 6:33 am

    *The prelude to the apocalypse had also opened up several battles that the clan would have to face. Some would be one on one, others would be with armies. Some would be fought alone, in the mind, as some would become mad if they understood that their end might be just around the bend.

    Isao was taking quick reports and sending them to the investigation findings…

    The appearance of the Queen of the Damned, Mother of Vampires, the first of all vampires was now reported to have been awakened at the Sanguinarium Society. Gori had obtained an emergency request from Saya but he didn’t have to really report it to him. He had sensed it. He was aware of her. He had heard the stories of the monk that brought several coffins from another dimension into the borderlands and hid these dangerous vampires somewhere. But this had been done long before they got there. Gori also knew of another source, one that might help them and he prepared to set out for the Sanguinarium Society.*

  • “Ozy” D.C. Watch *SombrosoGalactoseBestiarusz *

    February 4, 2020 at 5:49 am

    *Intel was finally being sent to the 13th Bureau’s data center again.
    The impending apocalypse was still in full swing but many of those stirring the chaos during these dangerous times had either been killed or taken into custody and pieces of information was extracted from the prisoners giving Commander Kondo and a few others a better view of the whole picture. They learned that Helena’s seraphim was triggered into action by a book that was first believed to belong to Mr. Crowley and because LuzHela had life source from Helena, the link between her and this book made it easier to trigger the seraph. Meanwhile LuzHela believed the book was meant to open the gates of hell so that her demon lover Satan could escape from Gehenna. And although the book seemed to be opening the gates what was really opening the gates of hell was the strong pulses from Helena’s powers. Then to add a twist to things Chief Rika and Captain Shuhei learned from Crowley the book wasn’t the one he believed to have given to LuzHela, in reality the book belonged to a demon and it was burned after it had been removed from LuzHela by Rika. So Akura-ou was sent to investigate what demon that grimoire belonged to.

    On a good note, Ranmaru was found and sent to the Sugar Mansion.
    But sadly, Prince Koenma was lost when he confronted lord Satan and tried to protect Botan. Lord Hadesu had to interfere and close the opening to Gehenna.

    Then after being treated at the medical center, Pako and Tokiko didn’t wait to be fully healed, they dutifully returned to the graveland area to fight and in the midst of battle they lost their lives.

    Then the tables turned and Kin was able to bring Jin under control and defeat him. Jin sleeps in the hospital unable to harm anyone. Kin would temporarily contain Jin’s devil gene and he would have to enjoy life among humans for a while.

    Other circumstances were taking place during the apocalypse but only a hint of it was sent to the 13 bureau. It was believed that Renzou either turned back to darkness or he had learned of some plot and went to learn more, Bon and Rintoki went after him.

    But evil didn’t stop there, the occultists wanted to regain power during the mayhem, the misguided ones sent missiles and the undead towards Satou Arcanum but were currently being taken down by Chief Rika and Lady Noloty.

    There were more arrivals at the borderlands being guided by Tamaki to safety and protected by Saitama from the man eating giants.

    The information continued to roll in as the world was getting closer to it’s doom…*

  • Ecko Haruki =AndroidesSugarSoul= Elric OkumuraSakata

    February 26, 2020 at 8:16 pm

    *Ecko was getting some data to quickly put into the system, there had been so many updates since the impending apocalypse began and ended.*

    Report Summary:

    Gintok was able to stop Helena from completing her apocalypse.
    Several family members had protected Helena and the area of Satou Arcanum. (Noloty, Mephisto, Hikari, Rika, etc.)
    There had been a watcher named Dieguito that was observing the events and he was taken to the Sugarview med center.
    All the battles in Hades and Graveland had been wrapped up with several ogres and other conspirators taken prisoner.
    Many family and clan members fought off strange creatures and helped shelter many inhabitants of Skyrie safely.
    There were some losses (Prince Koenma, Purge san, Pako and Tokiko, all perished.)
    The Sugar Mansion was burnt down by the mob but a new home was quickly elevated and the clan was moving in.
    Yukiko at Sugarview Medical Center and Nurse Aki were releasing those patients with good bill of health and those who had just sought shelter.
    Mato had successfully held back Paduk from interferring with Noloty and Rika’s main mission.
    Edwardo, Alfonso and Lord Beerus kept large cities from falling apart.
    Faust and others with similar abilities restored the flowers and the plants of the planet.
    The gods had calmed the seas and allowed the sun and moonlight to reach the planet.
    The airspace was now open for travel, spaceships could enter the atmosphere again.
    Except for clan members and possibly some exceptional individuals, the majority of the world had been put through a mass hypnosis to believe that what had happened was a natural disaster to avoid another attack from a misguided and hateful mob of humans.
    Sending everyone home meant it was time for hope, rebuilding, reunions and partying.
    More info would come in as everyone settled in.
    (( If anything was missed in the data, feel free to mention it in the 13th bureau’s forum or post section. Arigato! ))

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