Kabuki Town

  • *Entering Kabuki town was always exciting. Although it was an old gritty town, the people there seemed to have a chaotic and fun way of doing things even if many were poor and simply trying to make ends meet. There was lots of entertainment and the men were often lured to the red light district. But the reason most came here was because of the vibe of the people of this town, restless shining souls that lured everyone like a moth to the flames.*

  • *after stopping at the bakery, Tetsu-Shiro set off for Kabuki town. One of the first places to search for missing people. It was a good a a place as any to hide.* I guess I’ll start here. *people watched him pass by thinking he was adorable, this made Tetsu-Shiro slightly irritated but he ignored it non-the-less.* Hmm where should I stop into first? *he would see some familiar faces and greet them.* Hello minna! Good day to you! How are the residents of Kabukicho today? *once he greeted them he continued to focus on his task.* I should have told Momo that I would be here.

  • Yoichi BattySugarDemon Hiruma

    April 5, 2017 at 6:43 am

    *Yoichi is driving buy after making money in the casino. He screeches his car to a hault* YA HA! I was looking for you little bro! Hope in! She’s been found. You don’t need to continue on this mission. I’ll drop you off back at the empire. You can take it from there. *grins at Tetsu-Shiro*

  • Leukocyte King Sakata (RoyalSugarDemon)

    April 18, 2017 at 10:51 pm

    *Leuko had stopped in at a bar and had a bit too much to drink* hic! Great! Now I have a hangover! How shall I show myself as a noble king under these circum…hic.. circumstances! *he wobbles around the street heading home.*

  • Minna! Welcome to Kabukicho!! 🏯

  • Sano (Sanosuke Sagara) LethalStrikerSugarDragon

    October 3, 2020 at 7:12 pm

    *Sano continues to explore Kabukichou. The contrast of old and new is so apparent in this place, it reminds him of his old world home. Asian influences both traditional and modern. And crazy people everywhere. He wanted to learn how to get around since he was currently working with Takatin at Yorozuya.*

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