Mysterious Appearances

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      –Sano had appeared in the borderlands some time ago. He couldn’t recall how he arrived there. He remembers cursing a lot because he had been taken from his comfortable life with Kenshin into a place he didn’t know at all. But he had been outside the rotting city. He began to adjust. He even had a nice little hut. Was constantly fighting off weird monsters. This kept him in good shape and sharp when it came to fighting. He had seen some of the others that quietly made their home in the hostile environment. —

      Where the hell do these things keep coming from?

      –For the past few days, his hut had been destroyed, he was running through the woods towards the area which he had heard there was shelter.–

      I wont survive in this environment any longer! It’s getting crazy about here! Time to see if  I can find that shelter area. What’s with this earthquake that doesn’t stop?

      –He had to be careful of the environment and the rising creatures that he had not seen before. He fought some off, would sneak past a few and even stood in shock when he saw Saitama and Tamaki in the distance fighting with the giants.– Now! I’ve seen it all! that explains some of those dead giants around here.


    • Rocky Lee
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      *Rocky had been seriously practicing at his dojo. Things were quiet and steady for some moment as if time stood still. He thought it was because he was concentrating so hard. But when he opened his eyes, he was no longer in the dojo. He was somewhere strange. The smell of corpses was repugnant and the weird creatures that turned to notice his appearance didn’t seem friendly. He noticed people fighting and/or running for their lives.* Umm! *blinks* What’s happening? Where am I? *Some guy in the distance clapped his hands to get Rocky’s attention and pointed to him, then pointed towards the direction everyone was headed.* Oh! So we’re heading that way! *he gave him a thumbs up and wondered who the guy was. He would later find out his name was Sano. But in the meantime, Rocky got ready to fight whatever these things were in order to get to where he was going. Then he was even more surprised when the earth began to shake violently. * Oh no! *He watched as some creatures tried to escape the ground below and then get crushed violently once more due to the shifting of the earth.* Damn! I better watch out for this earthquake too!

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      *There was a legend that kept being passed on by those who had lived some time in the borderlands. One about an old monk, monsters and some coffins. The old man was a monk, according to some stories the monk was exiled, others said he had permission to cross into the borderland area. He had arrived quietly. Using some kind of magic to control the monsters he was with. These monsters were said to carry several coffins. In the coffins were several sleeping vampires.  No one knows why the monk decided to bring the coffins to this place. No one was sure if he was trying to dispose of the creatures that were hard to control in another world or if he was trying to save them from the fate that befalls these creatures in the dimension he came from. It was unclear why he appeared but he did make it past the borderlands and headed to a couple of very specific places to drop off the creatures he brought with him. Afterwards he returned to the borderlands where it was said that he died alone and quietly. He never sought anyone out nor did he explain the secret that brought him to the world of Skyrie.*

    • Yuliy Jirov
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      *Yuliy had remained in the borderlands for a long time seeking out the scent that would lead him to his brother Mikhail. He thought the monk might have buried the coffin of his vampire brother in the borderlands. He was fighting strange creatures and seeing new faces for so long. He had seen some familiar ones but hid from them although, he was sure they were friendly. He just didn’t want to involve them in his troubles. The monk had died a long time ago. He had been the one to bury him. Then, on this current day, he could sense his brother’s movements. Did the strange phenomenon that was happening in the borderlands extend outside of the area? He figured that the violent earthquakes might have unearthed his brother’s coffin. He was both relieved but worried.* Damn! He’ll attack people if I don’t get to him soon. He must be hungry after being buried for so long. *He quickly took out the map that had been left around the area by some of the escapees and studied it.* He’s definitely not here, he must be beyond the borderlands. I have to find him…. MIKHAIL!!! I’ll find you brother! I will!

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      *Among the legends and stories told amongst those who lived in The Borderlands, the one related to the Monk was the one that kept the residents at bay for there were those who believed that on one of the coffins lay the most vicious of all immortal creatures. She had many names such as “Mother of all Vampires” and “Those Who Must Be Kept” but she was most known as The Queen of the Damned. There were arguments between the residents of The Borderlands relating to this story. Many believed that she had been killed by a group of powerful vampires who were against her ruthless ideals about World Domination but other disputed that it never happened. Rumor has it that the Queen has been put into a deep state of sleep that eventually turned her into a living statue of stone and was saved and hidden by a few who followed her. Those who believed the story to be true feared for their lives; they would prefer to die under the circumstances they are facing now with the apocalyptic events going on outside the shelter  than being devoured by her. Little did they know that the story was indeed true. The Queen has been sent to a secret resting place and it will be  a matter of time for her awakening.*

    • Arthur A. Angel
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      *Arthur was thrust into a dark forest, upon opening his eyes, he sees a tree crashing towards him, he rolls on the ground to get away from it’s path. His mind was blurry and he felts disoriented but the situation before him required him to be sharp on his feet. As he rolled away from the tree, he caught sight of corpses, then the disgusting stench kicked in. Some of them had begun to rot. He quickly stood up only to feel himself stumble. But it wasn’t because he was dizzy or anything, but then it happened again, and he realized the earth was trembling. He ran for a bit to find a place of shelter and then he found himself in an open field. He could see a battle taking place between giants and what seemed like super strong beings. He shook his head.* Am I mean to be here?  *The skies were perilously dark except for the lightning which struck with a vengeance. His mind was racing, he needed to remember what had happened and how he got here. It was then that his spectral awareness kicked in except it only focused on one target.* Rintoki? That demon is still alive! So I’ve been sent by God to finally finish off this creature! *he used his immense speed to get him quickly out of the borderlands and bolted towards the gravelands.* This time! I wont fail my mission!

    • Laxus Dreyar
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      *It was the time right after Laxus had been expelled from Fairy Tail. He went off on his own. An undisclosed time lapse followed in which he was approached by a little black Pixie that offered him a path to a new discovery of himself. He felt he ha nothing to lose, even though he was suspicious, he figured if this thing tried to hurt him, he’d just turn it to dust. As he followed the black Pixie a dark void opened up beneath Laxus feet and swallowed him whole. He didn’t have time to react but the black Pixie was right next to him and told him not to worry. He would find his challenges ahead, then it simply disintegrated.* What in the hell? *He growled* and soon landed on his feet within the borderland area. The place looked like a warzone as he looked around.* Is this what the pixie was talking about? *he fired up* Well, I can let off some steam here then! *he made his way through the borderlands fighting at his peak until he finally came across a map. He noticed what looked like an angel.* Hmm, looks like he knows his way out of here. I think I’ll follow him for now. And his fighting abilities are not half-bad. *He continued on his adventure through the borderland, wondering why the land there was so unstable it was making him feel sea sick at times, *Okay so this is a challenge…ugh.* He continued on his way until he reached it’s exit.*

    • Kenpachi
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      **Enter Kenpachi**

      *Like a blast of fire Kenpachi appeared in the borderlands, he was almost sure it was due to a summoning by Lord Hadesu. @ukyoamnesia but nothing had been disclosed to him yet.* It must be urgent if I was brought to such a hostile territory. *He grins* Just the way I like it! *He the earthquake didn’t phase him much, but he did take notice of the strong pulse of power that seemed to be coming from another area.* I wonder if that’s where I’m supposed to go! Seems like that’s the strongest energy here! I’d love to fight with whomever or whatever is releasing such destructive force! Hah! Now, that would be a real challenge. Oh wait! *He clobbered a monster that was coming towards him.* Outta my way! You’re blocking the view. *Saitama knocking down giants with one perfect punch.* Will you look at that? I think I’ll be pretty busy around here! *Fights his way towards the area Saitama is at but is greeted by Lord Hadesu before he gets close from him.* Huh? Lord Hadesu!

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      Welcome and follow me Kenpachi. I have a special task for you. *opens a portal that takes them straight to Hades and they both disappear from the area.*

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      *Lord Mikk had been in the middle of a fight back in his own world. When a flash of light blinded everyone momentarily. Lord Mikk looked around and the battlefield he was a part of was gone and so were those who had been fighting. He looks around at the darkness as his eyes adjusts he notices the chaotic beasts running rapidly killing everything in sight. He feels the earth shaking and breaking open beneath his feet. He jumps away and tries to make sense of his surroundings. He can see in the distance a strange source that seems to call his attention.* Hmm, I suppose I’ll have to do a little investigation. *he prepares himself, in case anything attempts to attack him and following his instincts he heads to this unknown source of psychic energy.*

    • Inosuke
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      *Inosuke had been living within the borderlands for a long time now. He had been summoned there by a strange vortex that appeared in his own world, swallowed him up and spit him up in this rough terrain. But now it was difficult to remain in an area that seemed like a constant battlefield. He fought off several of the area’s monsters but they kept spewing out of the earth and trying to poison him and heat him. His instincts told him it was time to head to higher grounds. He then noticed a lot of movement. He realized he had not been the only one who had made a home there for himself. Others had appeared and surfaced, they left the area and all made their way through one path. He would follow as he fought his way out of the area and towards the tower where a girl of strong psychic abilities @tamaki seemed to be the pull for all. He wondered what was causing the violence that made the earth around him tremble but right now, survival was the most important thing of all to him. *

    • Lord Diablo
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      (Not so mysteriously transported to another realm)

      *Lord Diablo was a ruler of Cross Reverie. He ruled what he considered a gamer world but soon became real for him. He married and lived a happy life until the day his wife died. Intended to pass down the lands to his son, Diablito @diablito but his son disappeared without a trace on the day of his coronation. Lord Diablo didn’t know if his son ran away or was kidnapped but with the help of a powerful wizard who helped Lord Diablo maintain his powers from dimension to dimension as they searched for his son. @bastard Finally, they arrived in this strange land. His eyes studied the whole area.* What a disaster!! Can you sense that Schneider? There’s something happening here. We must hurry and find out if my son is safe.

      The duo traveled side by side surviving and gaining knowledge of each environment they traveled to.* Let’s take down these strange creatures that seem to have sensed our arrival. *They step out of a ring of fire which was their portal door into the borderlands. And they start to attack the monsters that are trying to attack them. Not even giving them a chance to get close.* Be careful! According to my stats the small number of those giant spiders are poisonous and acidic.

      My son, has moved locations once more but he’s still within this realm! Let us hurry! He’s strong, but this world my have a different set of challenges that he may not be able to handle.

    • Dark Schneider
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      * Distracted by the amount of power he was sensing in this world. He was ecstatic.* Can you sense the power levels of those who reside here!? And I thought I was the strongest wizard! In no other universe or dimension have I gotten such a taste of immeasurable powers.  Fuck yeah! If you’re son is here, we are in luck. Once we find him I want to find these powerful beings, especially the sad one that is destroying this world. There is something complicated about this creatures powers. Tragic and beautiful at the same time. Let’s get a move on. *his wide grin exposing very sharp teeth.*

      Oh? Wait! Did you say something? *turns to Lord Diablo.*

      *Schneider a wizard with a for power and lust came to know Lord Diablo when the demon lord of Greenwood summoned him, the same way he had been summoned. Needless to say, their beginning wasn’t a friendly one and that’s a story for another day. But eventually, after several battles they came to respect each other and finally, Lord Diablo was able to tell Schneider, the reason he had summoned him and his plans to travel different dimensions. Lord Diablo enticed him with promise of meeting even more powerful wizards and for the most part, most of the places they went to fell short of expectations but luckily, the one place that Lord Diablo’s son had ended up in was more than perfect for the egotistical man. Traveling to new dimensions became more and more exciting but this one in particular lured them. They weren’t planning on resisting.*

      Let’s get this party started! I’ll fuck up all those spiders! Stand back. We wont even have to lift a finger for this one. *He cast an illusion that made the monsters trying to attack them the illusion that they weren’t there. Also, the monsters saw each other as humans making them attack each other. *He laughs as he walks forth with Lord Diablo.* Your son went in that direction and there is already a great source of power there. Let’s get there right away. *He then let Lord Diablo use his magic to steady the path set before them.*

    • Lord Diablo
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      *He looks up at the sky and raises his arms in form of supplication.* Are you kidding me? You always do this! Do you ever listen to a word I say? Why, why do I even bother?! *facepalms*

    • Dark Schneider
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      correction: this line should read *Schneider a wizard with desire a for power and lust came.* Not sure what happened there. (what’s this, not edit buttons? )