True White Crystalline Flame General Infirmary

Welcome to True White Crystalline Flame General Infirmary!

An all-inclusive hospital treating those with minor to emergency injuries and those with illnesses. We accept and treat every being from human, alien, hybrid and all other races.

Located in the territory of Skyrie Sugarland, the hospital is owned and run by the GrandSugarClan.

**A public general hospital extention of both True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flame and Sacred SatouFlame Healing & Medical Center.**

Group admins

  • Profile picture of Yukio Ginpachi WiseSugarDemon OkumuraSakata
  • Profile picture of Alfonsina "Ali" MaelstromSugarDemon Elric-OkumuraSakata
  • Profile picture of Ecko Haruki *SatoDemoneAndroides* Elric OkumuraSakata
  • Profile picture of Yukiko OkumuraSakata-Hiruma *ViolaceousFlameSugarDemon*
  • Profile picture of Sonar Akitoki *SatoDemoneAndroidez* Elric OkumuraSakata
  • Profile picture of Helena SweetSeraphimSugarDemon Okumura-Sakata

Group mods

  • Profile picture of Akane Houshou Okumura-Sakata(BlueRoseSugarFang)
  • Profile picture of Elizabeth Goldenheart
  • Profile picture of Hinata Adeena Hyuga-Uzumakii
  • Profile picture of Hikari Asukahime Inoueku (AutumnPeachWarriorSugarFairy)
  • Profile picture of Miyuki GoldenHeart